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* demon est deus in versus christus verus luciferus

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160218-noitavasara (1)

I began the rehabilitative labour workshop in Legioonateatteri. / Hi! I’m Niksu, 27 years old, and I’m not interested in getting a job. // Excercise and getting up early is quite nice after all! // COMMON COLD! // I changed my mind, being awake and being alive both SUCK WHOLE ASS. // I’ve had long naps. That’s the only kind of naps I know how to take.

160218-noitavasara (2)

Then we went to Oulu! // OYT: NOITAVASARA! / Very long but beautiful ritual scenes. // I didn’t make any contact with the characters. / Huh, the main character is currently being manhandled. I’m not touched by this. / Or rather, they were not characters (Not even the ones based on historical figures! Such as Matthew Hopkins etc.) as much as they were archetypes and symbols. Not unlike tarot… // Read this paragraph! / React to this interrogation! / Make way to an actor climbing on top of the audience! / Interactive theatre makes me very uncomfortable.

160218-noitavasara (3)

Take the hand of the person you’re sitting next to and tell them: ”I LOVE YOU!” // – // Hee hee, hoo hoo.


* seksikäs ranskalaistyylinen kaamosmasennus

Kirjoitettu 8.01.2018 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra.

080118-letsride (1)

Ahdistuskohtaus Tammelassa. Sivellintussi liian huokoiselle paperille, 2018. / Anxiety attack in Tammela district. Brushpen on too spongy a paper, 2018.

080118-letsride (2)

I can’t not look. / (Activation model – Poverty – Blight – Death) / LEAVE IT BE / Food donation – discontinued for not making profit. / I don’t have the energy to be angry anymore. All I got left is fear and anxiety. I haven’t felt this big a burden in years, although on an intellectual level I know that’s not the case.

080118-letsride (3)

LOOKS LIKE IT’S TIME TO REMIND NIXU OF GOOD THINGS IN LIFE AGAIN! / No, I wanna wallow in self-pity! Wallow, wallow. // I live in an anarcho-feminist queer commune in the best working-class city there is. // I’m ating a cute and nice dude. / Who you still can’t draw properly, I reckon. // I’M SURE YOU’LL [Nixu] FIND SOME ART COMMUNITY TO JOIN SO THAT YOU WON’T BECOME A TOTAL RECLUSE. MÄÄ USKON SUHUN! (I couldn’t think of any more good things in my life)

080118-letsride (4)

(State:) I’m tired of trying. Help me out! / (Anarchist activity – Theatre – Social life:) Nixuuu, Nixu… Come out and play! / (Floating on a cloud of isolation:) Did I hear something? Nah, I think I’ll just watch one more Vine compilation video in the middle of night. / Dänkinhuuto


* hiihaa hiihaa hiihaa next stop hollywood

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131217-ocf (1)

Sup barkeep! I’m back home after three months! / Oh, I didn’t notice you were gone. / – / OULU COMICS FESTIVAL

131217-ocf (2)

Oulu Main Library: / The right-wing populist cryptofascist party has blown big money to reserve the large auditorium for their meeting, right at the same time as the comic festival opening ceremony. / Christ. // You could tell from miles away who had come for the comic and who hadn’t. / (Just by the confused and offended look on their faces. Making fun of people’s clothes and appearance is not cool or punk rock. // In the ”101 Comics From Finland” exhibition opening I was pretty and quenched. / OPEN IN OULU MUSEUM OF ARTS UNTIL JAN 7TH 2018!

131217-ocf (3)

On Saturday I interviewed H-P Lehkonen. / What advice wouldst thou give to cishet authors writing LGBTQ characters? / I recommend you get yourself a sensitivity reader! / For my new comic ”Life Outside The Circle” I got help writing and designing the Finnish-Turkish main character from a person I know who’s also Finnish-Turkish.

131217-ocf (4)

Hetkinen… / Love wipes evil out of me! / In Tukikohta: Independence Day blah bluh blah blah.


* heittäytyä, hypätä, kaatua, pudota

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Image (49)

Do you agree to the terms and conditions of this rental contract? / (Work space. 62,50€ per month. Deposit: 145€.) / No. No. No! It’s too expensive! No!! / Yes. // You can’t afford to keep it up for twelve whole months! Käänny takas! Käänny takaaaaaaas!!! / Bye now! / (”Bye” but in Tampere dialect which I loathe and despise) //

Image (50)

Well! Now that I have to pay myself sick for the work space I think I might just actually go and work there every once in a while. / But I still gotta wait another full week before the Hyhky basement locker will start paying herself back, because… // OULU COMIC FESTIVAL is here again! As am I! Hi Oulu! I missed you <3 / (”I missed you too. Will you come and hug me?” but in Oulu dialect which I love and adore) / No. / Ok.

Oulun sarjakuvafestivaali 1.-3.12.2017


* pyramidikusetus

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141117-oralabora (1)

I have a hairy mole. / (There.) // Pinocchio had Jiminy Cricket. // Do it, Nixu. Kill them all. / I have this. / His name is Herbert the Spider. / My good conscience is on vacation. Moido.

141117-oralabora (2)

At the bottom of the couch I wait for unemployment benefits. At the bottom of the couch I wait for death. I wonder if I’m at risk of socio-economical exclusion.

141117-oralabora (3)

Hyhky workroom, forenoon. / Focus. / (Self-flagellations.)

141117-oralabora (4)

I love my workroom.  / Basement floor. No internet, no windows. My concentration is at its best! // The commute sucks tho, bike and morning frost and everything. / Another uphill! Poik mää kuale!

141117-oralabora (5)

Besides, I was in Pispala ridge the day before too so I didn’t feel like biking today. / Anarchist Black Cross Tampere prisoner support meal, seitan stew, comrades, and LGBT fundraiser hangover. // The party wasn’t too exciting but at least I tested the waters after eight years of not attending this particular party. / See you again in another eight years.

141117-oralabora (6)

Being unemployed is boring but getting a job doesn’t sound too titillating either. (Don’t tell that to my potential employers.) / Well what do you want to do, right now? / Go to bed. Make dinner. Write a zine. Produce dopamine and adrenaline. Pick at the scab in my elbow. Something useful and rewarding. / I guess a bike trip or a jumpstart to my bloodsugar would put my brain noodles to work. Sitting, alcohol and internet has deflated me completely.

141117-oralabora (7)

Monday blues is the result of capitalist brainwashing. I will decide that it’s a day for rest now.

141117-oralabora (8)

Home? Car? Family? Husband? Traveling? Property? What? / Alien world, alienation. / I don’t even know what I would use money for should I have it. This is everything I’ve ever done, ever felt. (What’s your dream job?) I don’t understand the question.

Oululainen ankkuli pikkuhönössä. Muste paperille, 2017. / A tipsy little duckie from Oulu. Ink on paper, 2017.

141117-oralabora (9)