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Fo’. yo. life.

Että juu meikä teki työharjoitteluun kuuluvana taideprojektina mitäs muutakaan kuin sarjiksia! Pari kopiota jätin kustannuspaikkaan myyntiin, mutta sitä pääsee myös lukemaan ihan ilmaiseksi. Siis Kulttuuribingolle osoitteessa Mäkelininkatu 29 arkisin klo 12-18. Loput 46 kopiota myyn Helsingin sarjakuvafestivaaleilla 5.-7. syyskuuta.

If you’re around in Oulu, do go to Kulttuuribingo (Mäkelininkatu 29) and read and/or buy my comix zine, ”LIPSYNC FOR YOUR LIFE.” It’s all 100% in English too! You can also wait until Helsinki Comic Festival, 5th to 7th of September.




* ”ai oliks tää ihan MUSAfestari??”

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Pling! To Puntala-rock! / Puntala was quite a chaotic experience so here’s an equally chaotis comic reportage. / #ToPuntalaByTaxi #NymphoPunx #HalfAnHourOfSleep


Hi Nixu! It’s your friend Anxiety here! I brought some hyperventilation and sensory overload for you! / You don’t belong here and your vest doesn’t fit. / You don’t even like punk you scenester. / Thank you. Thank you very much. / Here’s also over 30 degrees Celsius of heat, oh and everybody hates you you’re fucking welcome. / Then I had a fight or something with Axu. Minna comforted me. / But now we’re fine. SO YEAH I KINDA MISSED THE ENTIRE FESTIVAL.


I did have some fun, too, though! / I saw the Barcelona fellows after a long while. / I hung out in cute clothes. / Peek-a-boo!


I swam in natural water for the first time in years. / Peek-a-boo again! // Silly stuff with old friends. / How I wish I were a real wooooooden horse. / 2/5, would attend again if there were less heat and more sedative drugs.


* la aventura continúa

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Random Barcelona story I forgot to tell part uno! // So one night we climbed this fucking huge hill with a squatted bar and punk gigs on top. // There was a Swedish Magnus from Stockholm! And we talked Swedish the whole evening. / Please speak English so the rest of us will understand, too…


But so did happen, with my light-weight ass, that before the gig even started… / Fucking cheap beer… / (Axu got tired from all the climbing and started sleeping in the middle of the club.) // (Incomprehensible whatever-language punk) // The high point of my career as a crust punk. // Repeat until you stop coughing up slime. // PYSYKÄÄ KANAVALLA NIIN SAATTE KUULLA LISÄÄ OKSETTAVIA PARSALOOTA JUDUI OLÉ


* ynnä muuta sellaista

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190714lazyy001 190714lazyy002

Where will your comic be again? / Nordic Comic Contest. 12-page short story of the theme ”Polar night”, deadline’s quite close too. / What’s yours about? // Uh, alcoholism. / … / Like, the depression and the anxiety and the shame. / … / Y’know, with a fresh twist? / …


It IS a cliché! Oh god what if I can’t bring anything new to the subject matter? What if I’m being Kaurismäki-esque? What if I’m plain bad??? / I’ve tried to regain my motivation and self-esteem, to no avail. / (Unambitious, hasty, stressed out) / And the first few pages are so detailed and ink-washed with love! (Insert ink-washed with love, here.) / Boohoo I won’t be able to stand behind this piece of work either.


Of course I have to finish this anyway, and not be afraid of mediocrity. // The most important thing is get SOMETHING done in my life. / I might’ve become blind to the whole project. Proof-reading is scary though, going back to previous work stages etc. // (Can’t commit to long projets) /I’m trash, I shall go to the trashcan. // Okay next week I will print my queerzine small press comic to the Helsinki Comic Festival. Perhaps I’m just not a drama comic artist!

190714lazyy005 190714lazyy006


* kirkkoon sinut vien kun aamu koittaa

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Hässäkkäpäivät July 4th & 5th, a punk festival in Oulu. // It rained on Friday. // At least I didn’t have a hangober diarrhea next day! / (Sings Finnish schlager.)

Why, this is moonshine! / (Fart smell) / Ew how fucking can you. / Hee hee hee booze diarrhea. // Hei pullopoika nää oot kuuma! / (I’m super inappropriate when drunk.) // Ew fuck that was some strong moonshine, I’m gonna poop through my mouth. / (I don’t even know.) // No wait fuck Kakkahätä 77 starts soon, gotta gather myself and go back. / MINÄHÄN EN VITTU LUOVUTA.

Dirty nympho / Pants still dry! / Busted leg / That’s how the PuntalaRock training went! See y’all there