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* i am a beautiful flower

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So! This excercise was sort of a miniature version of your Game Lab experience to come – four months of work stages, condensed into a few hours. // So what feelings did arise from your own work?


Hellooo sorry I’m late! (I ”was” hangover.) / *: I was still quite fucking hangover. // …Blah blah… Your assignment is to… Bluh bluh… The customer will arrive at… Bloo bloo… // This is all very intriguing, however all my willpower is currently going into my trying not to puke. // THE CUSTOMER IS A MENOPAUSAL CRAZY TYRANT. // Omg now I’m gonna barf.


In conclusion! / I am irresponsible, lazy, unable and unwilling to change plans, rude, etc. But if you can’t handle me at my worst then that’s too fucking bad because I don’t have a best. So yeah glad to have made business with your sorry ass! Boop-boop-a-doop!


Then some person called me and asked me for a beer with them ”long time no see” or something and I can’t remember for the life of me who this person is. / So apparently I am also wooden in the head, boo fucking hoo! // Also my tragus piercing hurts and I’m pissed off.


* sä luulet vaan, oot suuri staar

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moro aattelin ilahuttaa kansaa piirrrustus_dumpilla kun oon niin paljon ollu piirtämättä! soo soo tuhma minä






* if you don’t update you blog, you’re NOT. DOING. COMICS.

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Hiiiii! Sorry I have been a lazy blogger once again! / Though the last few days have been some intense shit. // Last week, and week before that: / Fucking fuck! I’ve got to find an internship right now! Why won’t anyone reply to my emails?! / (Type-a-type-a-type)


”Oulu Game Lab”? I’ve never played shit, let alone given a single serious thought to game design, but… // Here goes nothing! // Then I got in. / What the fuck. // Anyway I’ve really enjoyed my stay and the people are awesome and the lectures are in English but that’s not the point! // This is: / It’s time to play my favourite game. // ”How long will it take (without my sying it out loud) for a new social circle to realize I’m gay.”


On the other hand it’s kinda liberating to be certain about not being ”that token gay guy”, and exciting to be some sort of a double agent among the straights. / But as time goes by, it’s starting to feel like a closeted teenager all over again, although no-one here has implied anything close to homophobia. // Blah blah, favourite TV series, blah blah… / Here’s my chance to almost casually come out! // Mää ja mun poikkis katotaan OINTB:iä ihan hulluna. // Aiku kiva. /Juu-u. / (Niin homo että näköä haittaa.)



Well, I wish it had gone that smoothly… / My other favourite game is called ”Spot The Hetero.” // I’m gay. / Oh okay, cool! I’ve got nothing against gays! Although I’m straight myself. #GayMarriage2013! // Aiku söpöä! Elä ja anna toisten elää! / As a straight guy I’d say that… / My best friend’s gay. / So is my second cousin! // I voted for the gay guy from Green Party in presidential elections! / I own two entire rainbow-themed items!! // Who’s a good token homo? You’re a good token homo!


Omg my exaggeration and incrimination is TERRIBLE. / Heteronormativity plagues my self-esteem, behaviour and identity as a sexual and romantic creature. / All my thoughts of queer rebellion and everyday life are filtered through the heterosexual matrix! // Skriäää! / (*All events are over-dramatized because I fucking can.)


Epilpogue: / How surprisingly fun and inspiring it is to study game design! Now I’m gonna… / (Email noises) // (Three invitations to internship interviews) // (Sad trombone)


* kas kun eivät heitä pekonia moskeijan seinään

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I don’t have much to say about the Charlie Hebdo attack. / ”Being a sex slave is so much fun!” // Terrorism is a terrible phenomenon, and may the victims in Paris rest in peace. / ”I have a big nose! Lol” // But je ne suis pas un shitty racist magazine full of offensive caricatures about oppressed minorities, silvous plait.