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040816muspis (1)

Yay, I’ll be able to pay rent and bills.

040816muspis (2)

Took a bus to Tampere for an anarchist festival! I was supposed to go to Puntalarock but then I remembered I had a job gig the same weekend. Wedding photoshoot. / Eight hours later: *doorbell* / Good morning Jiipu sorry I woke you up do you have coffee what’s up baby!!! / ?????

040816muspis (3)

Starting party. / My heelbone is still sore from the other day. This bumpy yard isn’t helping, either. Gotta go pee… / *smothered shrieking*

040816muspis (4)

Friday morning my foot hurt like hell. As I stayed in Jiipu’s place for a bit, her commune buddies were super helpful regarding painkillers and first aid. / And Hirvitalo had a single crutch! Short one, but still.

040816muspis (5)

Zine workshop. / *writing machine noises* / I wrote a semi-gross erotic poem.

040816muspis (6)

Pub quiz. / Let uss name our team ”Limp Gays”, to commemorate our busted feet. // Antti knew EVERYTHING. / 12) How many eyelashes did Emma Goldman’s second cousin have? / It’s a trick question. They had a orange CAT that hated Mondays. And he had 64 eyelashes.

040816muspis (7)

On Saturday I missed the transgender conversation s well as the one about black-pink organizing. // Intersectional feminism: / Anarchism ought to be inherently feminist. / Sure, but words carry weight and meaning. Only by using those words can one make these topics and issues visible.

040816muspis (8)

Feminist collective: Cat feminism! / Heterosexist dichotomy projcted unto non-human animals etc intersectional obscurities. // Russia 1917 -> Anarchy in Helsinki. / This is a list of Finnish millionaires (or Helsinkiites, can’t remember). They must all be killed. / HEY! Why’s my name not on this list!? Am I not important enough for you rebels!??

040816muspis (9)

Taxi to Jiipu’s place and back home in the morning. / You so gotta move to Tampere! / I will, after I graduate. So, around new year’s? / Good night. Welcome to Tampere.

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