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* hei-hei vaan mä fei-feidaan

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I / LOVE FLAKING OUT! // I’ll flake your birthday! // I’ll flake your wedding! / Who’s that? No clue. / Bye! // I’ll flake your funeral! // I’ll flake my own funeral! / Gotta go, bye. BR: Me. // I <3 FLAKING OUT


* tiskikone sinappikone

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(Empty ramen packages and beer cans, dishwasher full of dirty dishes) / (Laptop: ”Hi, how’re zine things?”) / (Paper: ”Thesis deadline: November December January February March probably?”) // It’s not that I can’t afford to live a wholesome life, but I’ve never had any prior experience with it.

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This page is dedicated to all kinds of positive shit! // Spring is just around the corner! / Aion nussia aurinkoa. // I quit smoking and will probably relapse in the summer, again. // I have friends who love and respect and support me! / You go, Glenn Coco! // My British friend Robbie is coming to visit me next month! / (Räps!) // I couldn’t think of anything to fill this panel but yeah life iz good. Oh yeah Hässäkkäpäivät is just around the corner too.