Kuukausiarkisto marraskuu, 2017

* heittäytyä, hypätä, kaatua, pudota

Kirjoitettu 30.11.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

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Do you agree to the terms and conditions of this rental contract? / (Work space. 62,50€ per month. Deposit: 145€.) / No. No. No! It’s too expensive! No!! / Yes. // You can’t afford to keep it up for twelve whole months! Käänny takas! Käänny takaaaaaaas!!! / Bye now! / (”Bye” but in Tampere dialect which I loathe and despise) //

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Well! Now that I have to pay myself sick for the work space I think I might just actually go and work there every once in a while. / But I still gotta wait another full week before the Hyhky basement locker will start paying herself back, because… // OULU COMIC FESTIVAL is here again! As am I! Hi Oulu! I missed you <3 / (”I missed you too. Will you come and hug me?” but in Oulu dialect which I love and adore) / No. / Ok.

Oulun sarjakuvafestivaali 1.-3.12.2017


* pyramidikusetus

Kirjoitettu 14.11.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra.

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I have a hairy mole. / (There.) // Pinocchio had Jiminy Cricket. // Do it, Nixu. Kill them all. / I have this. / His name is Herbert the Spider. / My good conscience is on vacation. Moido.

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At the bottom of the couch I wait for unemployment benefits. At the bottom of the couch I wait for death. I wonder if I’m at risk of socio-economical exclusion.

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Hyhky workroom, forenoon. / Focus. / (Self-flagellations.)

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I love my workroom.  / Basement floor. No internet, no windows. My concentration is at its best! // The commute sucks tho, bike and morning frost and everything. / Another uphill! Poik mää kuale!

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Besides, I was in Pispala ridge the day before too so I didn’t feel like biking today. / Anarchist Black Cross Tampere prisoner support meal, seitan stew, comrades, and LGBT fundraiser hangover. // The party wasn’t too exciting but at least I tested the waters after eight years of not attending this particular party. / See you again in another eight years.

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Being unemployed is boring but getting a job doesn’t sound too titillating either. (Don’t tell that to my potential employers.) / Well what do you want to do, right now? / Go to bed. Make dinner. Write a zine. Produce dopamine and adrenaline. Pick at the scab in my elbow. Something useful and rewarding. / I guess a bike trip or a jumpstart to my bloodsugar would put my brain noodles to work. Sitting, alcohol and internet has deflated me completely.

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Monday blues is the result of capitalist brainwashing. I will decide that it’s a day for rest now.

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Home? Car? Family? Husband? Traveling? Property? What? / Alien world, alienation. / I don’t even know what I would use money for should I have it. This is everything I’ve ever done, ever felt. (What’s your dream job?) I don’t understand the question.

Oululainen ankkuli pikkuhönössä. Muste paperille, 2017. / A tipsy little duckie from Oulu. Ink on paper, 2017.

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