Kuukausiarkisto joulukuu, 2016

* elias tapani karhu

Kirjoitettu 26.12.2016 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.


Work has sucked out all my time and energy to update my blog. / But is it not a positive problem? I’m so caught up on a job in my own field that I don’t have time to focus on such frivolous things as blogging! / Since comic blogging is the most important portfolio for a comic artist, is it not its purpose to give me an actual job and make itself obsolete? // HOW ARE YOU, NIXU? / I finished the children’s book illustrations. // I don’t know the name of the book, nor have I read it, but the team gave me a Christmas postcard and non-vegan chocolate as a thanks. / (Boob milk)


Work is fun! I’m still confused about the fact that I have a job in my own field all up until spring. // MY inherent aversion of authority has raised its head. // (Two evil men, one of whom looks like Timo Hännikäinen, dangling my career above my head.) / Jump, boy! Ha-ha-haw! / No! Please be kind, o boss men! // (In reality:) / I lived in a commune twenty years ago. / I lived in one thirty years ago. / I did fifty years ago! AND I punched a cop at Woodstock! By the way Niko, you can leave early today. Merry Christmas! / Old hippies give me life <3


I did LP covers for Whatevermen. Keijjo will have my head on a plate, but I did use a font. Sorry not sorry! / I also can’t seem to draw Keijjo without a ponytail. // What about your thes– / MY WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEATHER IT IS DONTCHA THINK. // I can’t promise anything about the next time I’ll update. Let us all hope that I will smother myself in paying art jobs so I will never even have time to think about blogging! Till next time, ciao!