Kuukausiarkisto tammikuu, 2016

* huumorintajuinen kaurismies pt. 2

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Hullo! I am  highly educated and infinitely obedient little worker with absolutely no authority problems whatsoever! I love selling my labour to anyone who asks, I’m not a member of any unions and I never cry from stress! Ever! // Sigh…


* sensuellit sensorit ja sensitiiviset sessiot

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…Tai painokelpoista! :D

(I spent my 25th birthday weekend in Helsinki. Had some beer and went to a gig. Nothing special, I’m humble like that. And lazy.) / After such a long hiatus, and after reaching such a meaningful age, one would assume that I would update with something a bit more exciting. Unfortunately, all I did was either unprintable or rather quite dull.


I’d love to make a new zine for the 10th Tampere Comic Festival, but not only do I need to graduate my stupid ass, / I’ve also been commissioned an animal rights or consumerism related comic for QueerFemZine 1/16. / Today I was interviewed for the Liminka School of Arts 50 year anniversary book, and for March I myself will interview a sexworker for Voima magazine. SO FUCKING PROFESSIONAL, I AM.


* ”what motivates you?” ”spite.”

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040116-ossaatana (1)

4AM, January 4th, 2016. Ooh look at me getting the date right on first try. / Shoulda bought melatonin earlier today. / Come play with me, forever and ever. // HELLO IT IS I A BRAIN / (Sigh) Took you long enough… // LET US TALK ABOUT YOUR THESIS OR WHAT / Normally I’d tell you to wait till morning, but experience tells me… // …Not gonna happen. / HAVE YOU PLANNED HAVE YOU SCHEDULED // DID YOU DO ANY SINGLE THING LAST YEAR HUH? WILL YOU BECOME (gasp!) MEDIOCRE??? (Grocery store cashier ahoy! No, night-shift cleaning!)

040116-ossaatana (2)

Yes – I – Can!!! // I’ve done loads of shit last year! Shit to be proud of, big shit, valuable shit! Two zines, participated in a third, as well as an entire book of a comic anthology! And, oh right: made an entire mother fucking GAME with a kick-ass team during the entirety of 2015. And a little winter depression renders it all pointless, you say? / (I also participated in two art exhibitions and sold my comics literally anywhere with people and cash money.) // So yeah, about that thesis: I can totally pull off big projects, so there. Good night. // …Although this whole show sure didn’t help me get any sleep at all!