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What can you do to stop nazism and fascism right now? / Nazis recruite new members in the exact same ways as any other terrorist organization. / You take e.g. a young, impressionable person (usually male) with feelings of powerlessness, unsafety and insecurity.

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He is given a fabricated enemy projection that he can blame for all the bad stuff he has to encounter in his personal life. // Why am I alone? Why does nobody care? / Why am I poor and miserable? / Why does everybodyhate me for no reason? // Fascists have what they crave: easy answers to complicated questions. // Because feminists and the gays want to enslave the heterosexual male! / Jewish elite! Illuminati! White genocide! / God has forsaken the West! Kill ’em all!

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First and foremost, nazis want POWER. For one reason or another they feel dispirited, humiliated, emasculated. / To such an abused soul it’s easy to sell REVENGE. // Leftist politics don’t have such sexy hero myths to offer, but rather just slow, troublesome long-term goals. / (Capitalism, structural oppression, toxic masculinity) / (Altruism, solidarity, humility, intangibility, abstraction, grass-roots level)

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Then why do nazis feel so powerless and vengeful? / Watch out, that immigrant’s trying to steal your cookies. / Yeah! He sure is! / (Cliche, I know.) // Nazis want to steal the power ”back” from the leftist ”elite.” / Capitalists want to steal resources from everyone*. / Looking kinda alike? That’s cause it’s the same goddamn thing!

(*: Kaikki = siirtomaat, köyhät, julkiset palvelut, luonnonvarat. Fasismin lisäksi patriarkaatti ja ihmiskeskeinen luontokäsitys ovat kapitalismille ominaisen oikeutusajattelun sivuoireita.) / (*: Everyone = colonies, people living in poverty, public services, natural resources. Along with fascism, patriarchy and human supremacist biosphere relationship are symptoms of the feeling of entitlement attached to capitalism.)

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(Flowers of evil: Power fantasy, recruitment, bitterness and vengeance.) / Here are some suggestions to you specifically! // 1. Disableing nazi support gigs and merchandise sales! / (City premises, event organizer.) / Contact those who enable nazi moneyflow and visibility!

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2. Call out hate speech! / Yo, shut up you racist fuck. / I’m not alone! / That person probably won’t change their mind (at least not immediately), nor will they even be listening. / But they sure will be listening! / Take a friend with, calling out hate can be dangerous sometimes!

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3. Guess what else diminishes fascism other than diminishing fascism? / It’s enlarging antifascism! // Donate to a human rights organization by means of money or labour! / (LGBTQ Pride team) / (Food not bombs)

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4. The usual, or sticker wars! / Sounds hippie? Exterminating nazi symbols from the streets is a valuable act nonetheless. // 5. And don’t forget demonstrations! Although demonstrations and punching nazis is the most visible and tangible form of antifascist activism, it’s not operating on the premise that ”there, now we’ve saved the world, boy how cool and exciting that was!” / Direct action isn’t always exciting and sexy, nor is any form of antifascist action any worse than another. All aboard according to their own skills and energy level! No pasaran! <3

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