Kuukausiarkisto elokuu, 2013

* super effective

Kirjoitettu 26.08.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa merda d'artista.

* pääasioita

Kirjoitettu 25.08.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

This turned out a little animu but graphic designers dig that for some reason, shitshitfuck can I just punch a thing. / Better. // This little sloth went to bed early on a Saturday night. / This little sloth committed to repaying summer study allowances. / This little sloth did a little bit of rummaging and vacuuming.


Arrrgh I’m such a fraud, some people have real problems with anxiety, and they’re unemployable and messed up and I’m here like / Yeah I’m looking forward to school and the comics festival and at times I was a bit anxious at summer job but other than that I’m completely fit for work and I do have a support network but yeah sure I’ll take that psychiatrist’s appointment. / NO. SHUT UP. YOU’RE DOING THE RIGHT THING HERE.



* you say black i say white

Kirjoitettu 15.08.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

At least now I’ve got a reason to learn how to draw bikes.

I also bought a (cheap shitty) lock. / (Random geezer who picked on me –>) / You won’t survive a day with that thing. / I know. // You a student? / Yeah… // Here, have some money for a new lock!


* aiheen vierestä ja läpi ja ympäri

Kirjoitettu 12.08.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa agit-prop.

I want to make feminist comics, / but I do not want to be preachy. / Can feminist comics be funny? // Can one pull jokes from structural violence without violating its victims – or making the perpetrators seem like harmless goofies? / ”Oh you guys! Hyuk hyuk!” / ”Patriarchy is magic!”

The comic Pepperi, which I’ve been creating for Northern Finnish SETAs’ magazine Pulssi, has become increasingly feminist… / In a sense that I’m trying to include other oppressed groups in it, other than white gay men. / (At which point I forgot the funny-part, oops.) // Damn how paranoid I am! / All-inclusive comic is way more sanctimonious hypocrisy than a comic sticking to a social issue or two would be ’white-washed’ or ’sexist!’ // ”That sure took embarrassingly long to realize.” / ”Leaving the bar setting would already give substance to this chaos of a comic.”

(Also there aren’t even ten full Pepperi strips in existence holy shit Nixu breathe) / Anyway! I’m hoping to receive answers to all of my questions about feminist comics at Helsinki Comics Festival at Sep 6.-8. / (There’ll be feminist stuff there in case you didn’t catch that OKAY SEE YA THERE BYE)

https://www.facebook.com/pepperisarjis : Pepperi the comic, in Finnish only.

http://www.rovaniemenseta.fi/pulssi-lehti/ : Pulssi magazine as PDF files, in Finnish only.

http://sarjakuvafestivaalit.fi/ – Helsinki Comics Festival homepage. Somehow I felt the need to add this link, too, who needs Google anyway, also who the fuck is Helsinki.



Kirjoitettu 2.08.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

Oops I’ve been making ask-roll replies for, like, two months. / Let’s take it up a notch!* / (* I reply to everything hastily with a panel or two.)

”What’s your perfect dinner like?”

Free food Okay, well… / I think that’s supposed to be… / Veggie patty – soya puree – halloum cheese – cashew nut salad stuff – with mild hot sauce and a pint of beer. / IDK I’m the worst at coming up with meals! / Which is why I’m so damn skinny.

”Why do men have nipples?” / In the early development of the foetus, three months after conceiving… / Because guy nipples are the most erotic thing ever. // ”Must there be wank-ness in life?” / Yes, see previous panel. / Also, it’s fun, safe and educational! // ”Why do people drink coffee?” / Some prefer heartburns and arrythmia! / And hey, at least it’s not cocaine. (It’s worse.)

”Who inspire you, artistically or attitude-wise?” / Oh god, another big question… / I mean! Uhh. Let’s try a couple of caricatures. // And idk: friends, life, and everything, oops it didn’t become such a long list after all.

”Your favourite hairy thing?” / Men would be too obvious an answer, but sloths fo’ lyfe tho. / Although we’re rather mainstream by now. // ”Your favourite pet peeve?” / Misogyny! I follow tons of angry feminists on Tumblr, and seethe with rage and disgust. / Also homophobia, transphobia, racism and imperialism. // ”Today’s clothing meme?” / Morning: Zapatist coffee. / Forenoon: Wrap-around dress. / Midday: Cleaning day.

”What would you do, should you get to have Timo Soini [leader of the right-wing populist party True Finns] as a sex slave for one day?” // ”What would you do, should the world run out of coffee and tobacco?” // ”If poop were delicious, would you eat it?” / If it’s good enough for bunnies, it’s good enough for me. // ”Show us yourself making a ’fine supper.'” / … / Can’t reach. Fuck.