Kuukausiarkisto heinäkuu, 2013

* taideterapiaa, taidepameja

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Hi, last night I couldn’t sleep because I’m an unproductive mediocre amateur artist manque! / And in the fall this feeling won’t only nag at me during the night, fucking YEAH.


* mennyttä ja tulevaa

Kirjoitettu 20.07.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa merda d'artista.

”In the year 2000, Eastern Tuira region of city of Oulu has been transported into the orbit in its entirety.”

”Light! Light comes from the pussy hole!”


* hoppas att Liv Strömquist gillar mej

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* Tuira blessings

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Kirjoitettu 14.07.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa agit-prop.

Allright let’s answer Jenni’s big question now! / Imma start with a vague list… / This is what a red-green-black-pink queer-feminist vegetarian slut anarcho-antifascist genderfuck-humanist looks like!

Vegetarian: I still eat egg and dairy, and all in all I’m not quite careful with this. / Oops, Moroccan oranges. Well, I can’t just throw these away either. / And in a capitalist society there’s no such thing as ethical food! (See: soy products.) // Queer-feminist: I am privileged. I’m a Caucasian, able-bodied cis-male in a bubble of Nordic social security. / Clink! (Shit.) / But I want to use my privilege for good things. Same rights for men, women, and others alike! (Also, I don’t want to seem like I’m begging for cookies for being a decent human being.)

Slut: Sex is nice and you can have as little or much as you like*. / Sex workers’ rights need working on, too. / (*: I’m checking my privilege here, too; (gay) men are ’allowed’ to be slutty…?) / I’m also pro poly, if not polyamorous myself! / Love, like sexuality and gender, is a spectrum! / One person can’t always complete you 100%!

And uhh. / Anarcho-punx of Oulu are real aggressive snobs, I’ve heard, but I’m probably more of a hippie punk. / System sucks but I can’t explain how, wanna smoke some pot? / Relationship anarchy (see above) is a good start. Personal is political! / Too much text / Allright let’s focus now. 

I think I’m rather typical an artistic person, as far as my values go. / With a dash of a twenty-something brat’s tendency for ambivalence, laziness and urge to provoke and show off.