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* i’m a nineties bitch

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* hiukkanen hiukkaselta

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I put the ”Ah!” in ”Anxiety”. // Yeah so let’s talk serious! / A while ago I told that couple of years ago I started having anxiety and panic attacks. / I’m dizzy. I wanna cry. I can’t breathe. I’m pissed off. // I’m a bit broken, I can’t bring myself to have a relationship.

Now I’m mostly scared of peeing myself all the time. At first I thought it was UTI, then STI. // And of course, nothing comes out. / Gotcha! Hee hee hee. // At home this doesn’t happen, obviously. ’Cause it’s a place of safety. Simply put: sometimes I ditch doing the groceries, going to school, or taking care of stuff downtown because I’m scared of my lower abdomen getting strained and feeling uncomfortable.

I’ve learnt to manage my condition without therapy. In the summer I went to talk about this, and: / Everybody’s anxious sometimes. / Perhaps your friends with mental health issues are making too big of a deal about it. / Come back in autumn. / Uh-huh. // Fine! I’ll do breathing excercises… // mental image excercises… / If I pee my pants I’ll just turn back. No big deal! / I’m already halfway there. Yes! / and I’m open about my condition! / Today I’m only sort of anxious! High five! / Woohoo.

That’s all! Be brave, be honest, be anxious! / I’ll link two empowering tracks in Finnish below. Observe your mind, work your zen and mindfulness. Works for me. Ciao!

Kuudes silmä: Happea

Risto: Turvaluola



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Nyt sitä saa! 30 kappaletta ilimaantuu Tampere Kupliin Pienlehtimarssiin 29.3. (enköhän mää siihen mennessä saa jostaki itkettyä pöytätilaa :”’D

Ennakkoonki saa toki tilata, en mää nyt niin luottavaisin mielin sen pöydän kanssa oo… Saatikka myynnin! Mailailkaa nikopniva ät gmail jne jne jne, pari eurua kustantaa + postitus.



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Then I went to bed and decided not to edit out the boring comic bits BYEBYE

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