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180918-kommuuni (1)

Other than moving in, I haven’t blogged about living in a commune at all although I moved out in June. // And although I did live there whole nine months! / I was given birth by the commune to become the succesful artist I am today! Ha-ha! / A-hem… // We were six to eight (I forget) human roommates and like a dozen animals such as cats dogs, birds, lizards and bugs. A mixed bunch of students, job-havers and unemployed. / The proprietors rented out this huge mansion of a house to the bunch of us as long as they would finally find someone to buy the house.

180918-kommuuni (2)

Buying the house was by no means a thing to happen all that fast, you see the house had four small bedrooms, three large bedrooms, an enormous dining/living room and A GOD DAMN SWIMMING POOL DOWNSTAIRS INDOORS. / Welcome to luxury communism, y’all! / (I tried the pool like twice because I mean… the fuck?) // Clearly the house was originally built to accommodate a large family with children. The walls were thin as paper to make sure the adults would hear the kids go about their shenanigans. / Niko, no!!! / Juice / (Paint thinner) // This was not a very practical feature in a young adult household, should one prefer to get up at seven in the morning. / (Normal speaking voice) / (A dog startled by her own shadow) / (Stairs cracking) / Not all of us were able to have a soundproof room, nor did the earplugs help with the looming feeling of constant human presence.

180918-kommuuni (3)

Living half my adult life with singular roommates was all fine, with a lot less household maintenance and a lot more solitude. / Roommate’s traveling, aika nakuilla! / Huulisynkkaa henkesi edestä! / Yuck. // Communes however require a shit-ton of maintenance, house meetings and surprise guests. / If only I had seen that coming! // Sure, it would’ve been mighty credible as an anarchist to live communally and grow tomatoes in the back yard, but I’m far too unsocial for that kind of stuff should it require living in a kolkhoz. / IF I CAN’T SECLUDE, IT’S NOT MY REVOLUTION!

180918-kommuuni (4)

But honestly tho, the best thing about the commune was getting to know all the queer anarchist individuals in the city. I wouldn’t change a thing about that experience <3 / Greetings from the pink-black bubble, y’all!


* guess who back in the house, heels click-clacking about

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My new job starts tomorrow. // How’s it feel? / Thanks for asking, I am FUCKING TERRIFIED! // I haven’t had a paying job in 1 ½ years. Doesn’t 500+ days count as long-term unemployment? / Yummy, delicious free taxpayer money! Guffaw! Systeemi on mätä! // I’ve tried to develop myself during this time. Maintain my health, sleep schedule, diet, relationships, political goals… / And don’t forget moment relax! // ”Professional skill” is an empty and arbitrary term! Salary work is not an inherent value! / BUT I’m excited to have a chance at some sort of micro-scale economical autonomy. And to have a job in my own field in a very interesting establishment.


* kanavoimaa kot kot

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Tämän merkinnän julkaisuhetkellä Lipsync #4: Young, Broke & Krapulous on juuri haettu painosta. Postimyyntitilauksia otetaan vastaan osoitteeseen niko p niva ät geemail!

270318-tsikenpauer (1)

Hi you didn’t make it to Malmö comics residency, sorry. / I saw this coming although I’m kinda bummed out because I spent so much time on my application. / The world is full of super talented comic artists and there were only four recidency slots. // Head hurts… Wanna puke…

270318-tsikenpauer (2)

TAMPERE COMIC FESTIVAL! / Lipsync #4 didn’t finish printing in time, but I’m mostly okay with that. / Tampere is my favpurite comic city and it’s nice to see colleagues even when empty-handed. // Aggressive reflux affected my mood a bit but I still attended interesting panels. // Seeing if you got any art grants? / They already skipped my name in the alphabetical order. No dice.

270318-tsikenpauer (3)

Team Tessa Astre, Aapo Kukko & Niko-Petteri Niva: 3000€ (three thousand) for making the graphic novel ”The Swaying Tower!”


* demon est deus in versus christus verus luciferus

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160218-noitavasara (1)

I began the rehabilitative labour workshop in Legioonateatteri. / Hi! I’m Niksu, 27 years old, and I’m not interested in getting a job. // Excercise and getting up early is quite nice after all! // COMMON COLD! // I changed my mind, being awake and being alive both SUCK WHOLE ASS. // I’ve had long naps. That’s the only kind of naps I know how to take.

160218-noitavasara (2)

Then we went to Oulu! // OYT: NOITAVASARA! / Very long but beautiful ritual scenes. // I didn’t make any contact with the characters. / Huh, the main character is currently being manhandled. I’m not touched by this. / Or rather, they were not characters (Not even the ones based on historical figures! Such as Matthew Hopkins etc.) as much as they were archetypes and symbols. Not unlike tarot… // Read this paragraph! / React to this interrogation! / Make way to an actor climbing on top of the audience! / Interactive theatre makes me very uncomfortable.

160218-noitavasara (3)

Take the hand of the person you’re sitting next to and tell them: ”I LOVE YOU!” // – // Hee hee, hoo hoo.