Kuukausiarkisto huhtikuu, 2013

* perusterve nuorimies seikkailee part 2

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’Would you like to sign a petition for preserving health services in Oulu?’ / ’Absolutely!’


* läpimenoja

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(On a stroll, minding my own business.) / (Harem pants) / (Ukulele)

(Ice cream)

’Dude, was that a BOY or a GIRL?’

’Both, perhaps?’ / ’Nah, it was totally a boy.’


* tastes like sadness

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”I’m the smallest pony in the world / small and adorable / I’m the raddest pony in the world / Fuck all y’all yeah yeah!”

Perhaps it’s not the right moment to resume smoking. / Asthmatic pressure in my throat inspired me to outline a comic short story. / Mute guy adventures! Social justice! / Drawing in a train has its own challenges. / Can’t really focus on details or small pictures. / (Opening-slash-graduation clothes: Collar shirt, cleavage shirt, tie, skinny jeans, Converse sneakers) / ~Free punch party!~

Renovation accident: / Damnit. / (The sock box broke down on me) / (Removing the old band-aid) / Coolest scar ever!

Spring in Hatanpää. / I felt way more inspired on the outward journey.


* queens and closets

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I got a closet! / Clothing inventory: / Golly what ugly clothes I have! I’ve grown out of several of these, and carried them with me for years. / Time to book a flea market table, then! Yet another virginity to lose. / Then I shaved my moustache. / I miss those whiskery sons-of-bitches already.

check out my back n booty yo


* perusterve nuorimies seikkailee

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