Kuukausiarkisto toukokuu, 2016

* minä olen maailman ainoa köyhä ihminen yhyy minäminäminä

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(The Holy Job Tree) // What a lovely job I have found! / The Job Tree has something for every unemployed individual in Finland. The Job Tree loves you. // (KELA: Fuck your student grants, lol.) / (Job Centre: Hiring a night cleaner with 50 years of experience. Adequate working hours not guaranteed.)


* sinusta lähden, sinuun palaan, sinä olet lasten hautausmaa

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At this particular moment / when the apartment building next door is almost complete / I’ve left house for the first time in a week / and my new shoes don’t hurt my feet anymore. // (Spring cold? Hay fever? Hypochondria? Who knows!) // I’ve enrolled, attended, begun / with no clue if I’ll ever complete, finish, commit. // Something in me / lifted the veil of death from my face / and let the light blind me. // From light to dark, from dark to light / and never just dim enough.


* roskasakin maanantai

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This one’s empty, too! / I bet Mother’s day had grocery stores empty out their trash early. // Holy shit! // Hey, do you need an ambulance?

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I tried to call one but they just said I’m good to walk by myself. / Those fuckers. Hop in, where do you live? / Nearby. / Fuck, I’ve seen too many shitty movies about shady hitchhikers. Where is my solidarity? …Where is my wallet? // Thank you guys so much, you shouldn’t have. / Oh nonsense. // I’m so glad there are still people like you. / Good night, take care. // Then I found this kick-ass fucking coffee table from the trash pick-up. / (No food nowhere though.)


* ajatuksien invaasio erikoispitkänä kolmedeenä finnkinon yönäytöksessä

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