Kuukausiarkisto huhtikuu, 2014

* ahistavat fläsärit, pt 3

Kirjoitettu 25.04.2014 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra.

Juhuu! Oon kiireinen pikku opiskelija (jolla silti on aikaa päivittää blogiaan…), enkä olis muutenkaa keksiny mitään oikeeta asiaa, joten tässä toistaiseksi vihoviimeinen nostalgiatrippi! Näiden jälkeen aloitinkin tämän blogin tässä muodossaan. Ja kyllä, jälleen sensuroin itseäni täydellisen mielivaltaisesti. Plus on tässä muutaki tekemistä kuin kaivella arkistoja päivät pitkät :D Emt nauttikaa.

Sivarileirillä piirrettyä. Sisältää myös The Alkuperäisen Helmiveneen, shout-out liminkalaisille!

Muuan proto-blogista.

Not gonna translate anything, gotta go get some shit done now.


* don’t fuck it up

Kirjoitettu 19.04.2014 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

Dear readers! I’m a student, and, not having free time, I’ll write about what pops into my head in random order. // School’s been all about spring hustle: / Internship – Media project – Optional courses – Summer courses. / I’m taking turns being manically diligent and apathetically locked up.  // I’ve tried to shave some time from my schedule for comics-making, but I’ve fell asleep the second I’ve gotten back home. / That, or I just want to do other things than work 24/7.

However, I’ve had time to: / Quit smoking (I nearly broke my body in BCN.) / Be ill (Ok maybe I did break my body after all.) / Watch a fuckton of RuPaul’s Drag Race. / Be in drag myself. (Easter party.)

Begin smoking again. / Quit smoking again. (Divine intervention.) / So yeah this is mostly me trying to continue updating my blog once a week, but I can’t bother making my stuff narratively interesting ok bye! / Draw me! And us! (Competition comic and other important things.) / Lalala can’t her you.



* BARCELONA 3.-11.3. PART 2: moment relax

Kirjoitettu 11.04.2014 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.


Fri 3.7. / (Los Golden Ceiling) / (Las Glass Cock) / (Les Miserables) // Finnish flea market heels end at size 39. Here it’s 41. This is torture! / (Size 42, wannabe drag queen) // So I hoarded on nail polish instead.

I wonder if there’s anything cheap (and vegan) this close to centre. / Sure there is, I know a place right around that corner. / (Big fat lie, repeat at least 10 times.) / (The pig head window was an actual thing we saw.) // Eventually: JUICY JONES. / Vegan food and red wine! / These walls were not meant for hung-over eyes. // We don’t fucking need any appetizers– !? / (”Main dish”: 4 tiny pieces of seitan. // Otetaan me sittenkin se alkupala… / Me ollaan anarkisteja, ei me välitetä mistään ”oikeesta” järjestyksestä!

At some Juan’s place: / I haven’t taken a shower for five days. Gracias! // (Puts on the same dirty clothes) // SIT MA LAKATA KYNSI. // Sat 3.8. #HoboJesus #PublicIntoxication2014 // It’s hard to pee with harem pants. All my respect to people with vaginas.

At night there was a punk gig at some place, and we had to CLIMB. LIKE. HELL. // No. Fuck no. I give up. / Giving up stopped being an option, like, yesterday. C’mon now. / Then, and only then, did I miss the flat lands of Oulu.

Saturday was good practice though, because on Sunday we went to the anarchist bunkers! / Don’t even think that we’re even halfway there. / (Euphoric) // Back when I cut my hair into a mohawk and started wearing punk clothes when I was 14, my parents started calling me a fag. // I got sick of it, and… / Yeah I’m a fucking fag, now shut up! // Two years later: / (The entire world says:) / You’re not gay?? / (First girlfriend) / No, idiots. I lied.

Iskra appreciates my art. / En edelleenkään osaa piirtää koiria.

Reisiraon päällä ei uinua voi!

Tina käski piirtää rumasti mutten osaa! Voi ei oon ylipätevä.

Behold. Mierda de artista. / (Munch: ”The Scream”: Pastissi materiaalilla paska. Pastiche with feces. Nixu 2014.)

Mon 3.11. / Fuck what a flight! Couldn’t sleep, no breakfast, plane full of screaming children… / Also the check-in on Barcelona Airport. Glad we’re home now. // SNIFF! SNIFF! SNIFF! // Allright, follow me then.

Okay so we don’t give a single fuck about what drugs you’ve taken in Barcelona, as long as you don’t bring anything to Finland. / Did someone put speed in my backpack? Will this show in my record? Will that guy dig into my anus? // Yeah you’re clean, good luck to Oulu and stay out of drugs! // (Fear, relief, confusion.)

I’m coughing up tar and cigarettes make me sick. #HoboJesus will detox for a week or two now, at least. Ave Maria!



Kytät tyhjensi squatin pari päivää mun ja Axun kotiinpaluun jälkeen. / Cops emptied the squat two days after Axu and I returned home. R.I.P. Casa Badal, forever in our hearts!