Kuukausiarkisto elokuu, 2014

* let’s not get sickening

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(Funny how many of my summer entries begin with a hangover and/or morning drowziness) / I feel terrible! Achey, coughy, chilly… There’s only one explanation!


Flu– / Withdrawal symptoms! // Jesus?! What are you doing here? / I live right next door. Anyway, go and Google ”quitting smoking.” // Headache, cough, running nose, other cold-like symptoms… / It’s all accurate! // But did I not quit smoking BECAUSE of the cold, not the other way around? / Well that’s something you will never find out! Shalom! // fuck


I suppose I have no choice but to nervously wait for Saturday… // Jiipu’s comic release party in Tampere // THEN // Hanging out with Axu /Don’t you dare get sick when I wanna cuddle! // THEN // Helsinki International Comic Festival // Nah I will definitely go this time, even if I had 666 degrees fever and sinusitis.



* she’s a goner

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* you’ve got time

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Could you not leave the fan on? / Zzz. / Fuck it, I’m too tired to raise my own hand. // Cough. / ALRIGHT LET’S BUST THIS JOINT!



But the worst life decision of all was this. // My hand slipped when trimming my moustache. / I look like a toilet brush. // But it’s way easier to be ill like this, though!


This time I’ll try not to miss the comic festival because of some sinusitis bullshit! Ciao! // (New laptop; Dan Simmons: Fall Of Hyperion; Neglected summer studies somewhere over there.)


* tän melun takiako tää kämppä oli niin halpa?

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Monday forenoon. // Oh God, not again.


What kind of fucking liturgy they’re having again? / I’ll Google it. // ”The Fasting of Theotokos, 1st till 15th of August”? // Mary, sweetie! We know it sucks that you’ve gained some baby pounds! But you’ve got to eat something! // And then they played some noise music, the end.