Kuukausiarkisto kesäkuu, 2016

* katsopas tätä, räkä pursuaa päästä

Kirjoitettu 23.06.2016 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

230616-pikipop (1)

Roosa’s new place last week’s Monday. / I need some help painting the signs for Pikipop Festival, wanna help? / I’d love to be able to see Sydän, sydän for free! // I listened to Sydän, sydän for the entirety of highschool back when I was a cute little artsy hippie. / I wish I lived in a self-sustainable commune!

230616-pikipop (2)

During the work week I got mail from the study grant board. No student allowance for me! (/ (The spirits of Minor Bureaucratic Inconvenience and Non-Existent Ability To Handle Stress hovering around me) / Welp, time to die. // Sydän, sydän played an a-ok gig, after which: / (Some friend of a friend from OGL) / You’d be taken more seriously in the work industry if you didn’t act so gay. That’s just the way the world works, I ain’t got nothing to do with that. In the work industry, everybody’s asexual.


* olemassaolo vallankumouksellisena tekona

Kirjoitettu 14.06.2016 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa agit-prop, merda d'artista.

140616-orlando (1)

Seitanrock, powered by Animal Liberation Oulu. / I missed the only band I knew beforehand; Had an accident at home. // An ellipse! Because you can guess what happened next! / You should’ve left it like that. So fuckin’ punk rock! / I wasn’t ready to commit to that. / (Ljuba borrowed me her trimmer.) // However the other performers were super cool as well! // (Ciprian from Romania) / I genuinely thought this would be a satanic festival cause I didn’t know that seitan is an actual dish and not just a Finnish way of writing Satan. / You are a living stereotype.

140616-orlando (2)

After supporting animal rights it was time to support human rights. / (Oulu LGBT organization 30 year anniversary! Also give us money we’re broke as hell, oops.) / It was already so late that I only paid the membership fee and had a pint or two. // On Sunday, I heard the news about Orlando shooting. / Pride events are still necessary. The world is not completed. There’s still work. Equal marriage and everything else is just the beginning. WE WILL NOT GIVE IN TO FEAR. NOR WILL WE FEED IT.