Kuukausiarkisto huhtikuu, 2016

* diana ross mutta 800% hidastettuna

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 ”I should probably clean up my online presence for the sake of my future employment potential but then again we’re all gonna die with our belfies beamed into space.” Digital mixed media. (2016)


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Thank you, motivational poster! Thank you so much for believing in me!

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Dumpster diving with the immigrant mother: / Get your hippie hands off of our rotten apples, Love: The Store Owner. / They even bothered to pour yoghurt all over the biowaste this time. / Could be worse… Stores in Helsinki would pour chicken marinade. And one store got sued for poisoning their trash! // (In a start-up company, no salary for four months) / I’m studying in a field that barely employs anyone. Should I switch profession? / Nothing but art truly interests me. / (No apartment, hangs around with us for a few days) After my student allowance stops flowing, that interest will starve me to death.

”Fuck, I never remember the WiFi password for my cat.” Mixed media (2016)

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”Plus, I might have sent a bunch of job applications with a picture of me smiling blissfully, my bedroom wall full of pictures of hunky sweaty men.” Visual poetry (2016)





* gotta do my hair and put my makeup on

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Butch women and femme men make me so happy. // I hope they have a good day today. / I found a coin! / I have just the right amount of chips for my dip! // I love you, butch women and femme men.

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But other than that, I seem to have neglected my blog yet again. On the other hand, I’m certainly not the only blogger who updates fewer than once a week. Not to mention regularly! Therefore, I choose not to feel sorry for it. / (Blogging, upon leaving my head into the trashbin:) Something’s got to give. / (Life skills:) Welcome to the club. / (Email:) To: Tutoring teacher. Re: Kill me immediately. Best regards, (student code.) // Please come to Liminka School Of Arts 50 year anniversary party on Friday April 15th! Stuff will happen there.