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So I got the apartment in Tampere, moving in June. // Two weeks later, at night: / OUUU-HUHUHUUU! I’m gonna miss my friends! And Snooker Time! And Heinäpää! And Snooker Time! OUUU-HUHUHUUU!!!

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Social circles change all the time, it’s no use crying over it too much. / You can’t stay in Oulu forever! Live a little! / The decision must be yours. We will be here to support your choice, but we can’t make the decision for you. // In the Villa Salin Comics Camp Residence, Helsinki, my thought process got into its logical conclusion. / (I wasn’t actually on the phone but it made more narrative sense to me.) / (I caught a cold.) / My life is too turbulent to move to another city right now. I gotta put Tampere on hold until I sort things out. / That’s understandable, but I wish you had told me you need some time to think.

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Moving while unemployed is a hassle even if one were not mentally unstable – especially to an apartment with a contract for less than six months! / (Oh and I also graduated from school, graduation party date TBA.) // So! I’ll stay in Oulu until my money flow becomes more preditable, or I find a more stable housing in Tampere. / I will put the upcoming summer in use artistically as well as I can. Wish me luck!