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Life control skills of an unemployed art shit: / Clean desk. / Matching intact socks.

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Since I’m staying in Oulu for the summer… // I’ll die of loneliness if I just stay at home working on my graphic novel. I’ll apply for an amateur theatre play! // You’re cast as Anki Nordström, an enigmatic trans woman. Welcome to the production! / Trans woman? // Cis guy playing a trans woman again! Harmful stereotypes! / Do I have to let them down and turn down the role? Insincere! Unethical! Transphobic! / I thought the casting call said Anki is a crossdresser or a drag queen!? / I wish I had helped them find a real trans woman for the role! But isn’t that the director’s job, after all… / I must discuss with the director and the playwright.

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We’re a small university theatre, not a huge Hollywood studio. Sometimes we gotta do a lil D.I.Y.! / In my artistic point of view (and trans man opinion) two cis actors are okay to play trans guy and trans gal in a queer-feminist summer play without it being the end of the world. / I guess, but… // Eventually I didn’t back out of the production. There might be some internet heat, but as an actor I am willing to own up to my decision to see this through. / One can’t live their life as a constant declaration of human rights or a bright example to others. / Sometimes one can apply crass humour? / (Quotes from The Swaying Tower, written by Epe Niiranen in 2017.)

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In other news! // Pling! // (Arttu the roommate) / We’re having a new subtenant! / ? / A cat! / ??? // You didn’t ask my opinion about getting a cat though, but I’m not even mad. Cats rule! / I have talked about this in length. You just never remember anything anyone says ever. / True. // PARHAAT YSTÄVÄT! // His name is Sigmund. / Cock pussy motherfucker.