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* let’s get sickening

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Can’t make it to Tampere Comics Festival due to illness, but you can still buy my comics from the Liminka School Of Arts small press table!

BCN adventures’ll continue SOMETIME EVENTUALLY soon as I stop being dead


* BARCELONA 3.-11.3. PART 1: älä opeta isääs nussimaan

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Mon 3/3. Woke up at 5AM for our flight via Oslo. // How could one sleep with a view like this! (Never flown before.) // Axu, look! It’s the Maledives!* / Please let me sleep. (Has flown before.) // *I’m terrible at geography, and called the Pyrenees the Maledives the entire trip.

So warm… / ¡Hola! Welcome to Barcelona! // (Rustling) / We stayed at an occupied house that was ”founded” in December, home to a bit over ten people.

In Spain, alcohol is as cheap as it gets. // Thus it is okay to just take what you want, pretty much. / If there was a bottle on the table, it was everybody’s property and one could take a sip without asking. // Nixu. Leave the rest. /(The most common Finnish sentence used by the non-Finns.) // You should always buy at least one third more alcohol than you drink yourself, just to be sure. // Yeah, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

There was an assload of parrots at the dog park (and pretty much everywhere else). / Kaw! Kaw! / Fuck they’re so annoying. / But it’s nice to hear something else than pidgeon or jackdaw noises for a change. // Mä oon Axu ja tässon Nixu. // ”Axu ja Nixu”? Ai, niinku Asterix ja Obelix! // Ja ”Parhaat lempinimet ikinä” -palkinnon saa tämä mimmi tässä.

Actually, cigarettes were easily the biggest expense during the trip. / 95% of the food was dumpster-dived (or ”recycled”, as they said in the squat.) // The ground floor of the squat had one water tap, where one also got their toilet water. / You got used to it, of course, but the culture shock was inevitable. // Tired, drunk, stressed, nervous,excited, bohemia, confusion, unsafeness, anxiety. / Then I was fine, yay.

[Here happened quite little??!?] // Shit, that cop saw our beercans. / I hardly think they cared. //Are we even close to that punk pub? / Sometimes the locals tell the wrong directions on purpose. // Äh, vitut. // Thu 3/6: Fatso Day! // (”Roommate”, a 50-ish year-old dude who didn’t speak English.) / Let’s go out for breakfast. / Hrrnngh. // Dry falafel, 4€. / Better than nothing. // Mamma mia, indoor plumbing! / (Shitting noises)

Back in Badal/Casa Finlandia there was damn good potato dinner. / In elementary school no-one knew how to peel a potato. So we tried to get out of trouble by telling the teacher: ”Did you not know, Sir/Ma’am, that the skin is the healthiest part of a potato?” / Where I come from, the potatoes were pre-peeled pieces of rubber. / (The dishes were washed in a semi-filthy children’s bathtub.) // And stop being so mushy, for God’s sake! // … // Jealous. // In the evening, Pizza-Cine. A big-ass squat with a restaurant/bar and kickboxing training. / And a big movie screen, of course.

Ja näin seinään loppuu osa 1! And this is how abruptly ends part 1!



* the bitch is back

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(Dragging sounds) / ”Hi you got a fuckton of missed classes.” / So I decided it’s more important to update the blog first! / I also caught spring cold to celebrate my coming home.