Kuukausiarkisto maaliskuu, 2016

* mustat kalsarit

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* Tampere Kuplii 2016!

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On my way to Tampere I got an idea for the third issue of HeteroseXual Animals. / (Bag full of old comics) / So fucking typical. // Friday: At Emma’s I got plenty of cat therapy from two baldies! / This isn’t how my hair looks like irl but who cares. // Saturday: / Small Press Limbo would’ve been more fitting a title. / At least I have a table now. Last year they ran out in two hours. / I already sold out of my zine, see ya!

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Afternoon: Antimilitarist comic anthology panel convo. / Activism – Accessibility – Inclusiveness – I’m wearing water mugs as goggles with the help of underpressure! / (Actually I said a lot of smart stuff about war traumas, picture interpretation, and the power and position of humor in war-related discourse. // But aren’t pioneers the ones who’re disabling those landmines? What’re you gonna say about that??? // Who says it should be militarist forces doing all that in the future? Sounds a bit like devil’s advocacy to me. // I haven’t researched this particular subject, so no comment. / Same here. / Same here. / Same here. / (A thought which I had hours later. Not that it would’ve done any good anyway.

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Sunday: / Tired. Hungry. The combination of which incapacitates my brain activity making it all too easy to fall into the trap of intrusive thoughts such as: I’m lazy! Bad! Mean! Shit! Dumb! Slow! / I’ll go wait on that train now. / Already? Okay, see you in the summer. // Nonetheless I had a blast seeing all my friends, colleagues and blog readers. I’ll see all y’all again in comic events, punk gigs and local pubs. Niko-Petteri Niva loves you! <3<3<3


* art fosshole

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* fort asshole

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I promised to look after my friend’s cat over the winter break. / Since I’m not traveling, I might as well make myself useful. / Have a complimentary 24-pack as thanks. // What was I thinking?! I can’t take care of a living creature! / Sup, I’m Lurjus [’scallywag’ in English.] / I can barely keep myself fed and dry! // No problem dude, I’m familiar with handling animals. // Everyday life with a new roommate: / Wake up ape, I’m bored. / Out of my way ape, can’t you see I’m walking here. / Battle scar. / We didn’t have anything else to use as a toy… (Fake whip from my drag gig.) / TESTICLE! // At least we don’t need to walk her… / I’m quite content with hanging out on the balcony.


* your lips move but i can’t hear what you’re saying

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Tell Antti I’m good to go. // Phew.

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You guessed it! I did drag at my friends’ wedding, my persona being called ”mustelMILLA.” // Of course, not everything went as planned… / I forgot my tights at home! // Hair in my face… // *Screams internally as the chair collapses* / Also I forgot to introduce myself on-stage, as well as butchering my speech in general. // But the wedding crowd ate it right up! / (Mother:) I love drag! / (Sister:) You make me jealous of your legs! Please attend my friend’s wedding in June! // I had a blast, I’d do it all again! Milla and I thank the audience, and most of all congratulations to the wedding couples!


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