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* young man, theres no need to feel down i said YOUNG MAN

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<Heterosexual nonsense> / <Debunking LGBTQ-related misunderstandings and shitty arguments> / (In a park earlier this summer) // Look, I really can’t bother talking politics this drunk. / I hear ya. Well, seen any good movies lately? // Uh, nothing much really.

Ok, one part of that was me not wanting to ”bring up the same subject again”, but another part was me being embarrassed of being ”that kind of gay.” // Stereotypical. / Campy. / Weird. (Queer?) // God knows I’m not ashamed of showing my homosexuality to the world. It’s exhausting to come out of the closet to every single person one by one. / …Oh snap, my boyfriend has the same jacket!) / ( …equal marriage law, SETA… [Finnish LGBT organization]) // But nobody’s immune to a culture that discriminates, belittles and makes invisible so much people.


* kakkakekkerit

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Psst. / Guess what time it is. / Nixu’s Cooking Club, part something!

1.) Boil off some soya chunks! // 2.) Use your brain! / If I squeeze out the excess water, the chunks’ll be crispier when fried. // 3.) Use that brain some more! / (Strainer) (Roosa’s spatula) (Frisk pressing force) // (SNAP!) (SPLAT!) // 5.) Atta boy! Good job.

(hahahahahahaha I skipped a number)


* aina rakas ompi Kongo

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Tuesday, June the 10th. / Didn’t sleep for shit. / Shitty lunch. / Heavy camera. / Busted my bicycle. / Internship day at Kulttuuribingo #7! Yay! // What the Vice President said: / Too bad you didn’t bring a laptop with! Why don’t you do so tomorrow so we’ll come up with things to do much easier.* / (*: It’s kinda quiet at The Bingo.) // What it sounded like: / You lazy, un-initiating piece of shit! Don’t you know anything? Make some coffee and get out of my sight! / Sorry.

[Sadly eats frozen pizza] // Toss! // There’s a festival on the weekend! Why don’t you come and represent The Bingo etc? / And take photos ’n shit. / (Patron saint of work motivation!) // That dude looks exactly like my father! Or myself ca. 20 years from now.

Theory! / Nixu from the future is a productive culture personality and/or just a swell lad, and he time-warped to save my anxious ass. / Yo. // Thanks for the time paradox, me from the future! Hopefully the time-space won’t collapse because of us. / P.S. I’ve actually had a great time at The Bingo, coworkers are awesome and work assignments too, I was just a bit anxious that day okay bye





* äkäsesti

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