Kuukausiarkisto kesäkuu, 2013

* intermission

Kirjoitettu 27.06.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra.

I haven’t updated my blog in two weeks! Crap. / Ok. / Yay wohoo I’m a dog. // Mostly because I’ve been procrastinating with my reply on this question. / ’I am interested in seeing some sort of an introduction to your values. Perhaps these questions’ll help with your reply: What are the things that guide your decisions? What does your set of values consist of? What do you find the most important in your life?’ // You’re too deep to me Jenni I’m sorry. / BUT I PROMISE I’LL TRY, it’s me who’s building up all these expectations of a quality reply. // P.S. Happy Pride everybody, I’ll probably be kickin’ neo-nazi and fundamentalist Christian ass with the Black Pink Bloc.


* perusterveen nuorenmiehen pojan koston paluu

Kirjoitettu 12.06.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

January // I spilled my coffee. / Oh dear! // February // Gimme a kiss. / Smoochy smoochy.

April // Gimme a ki– / I’M DYING HRRGHHGH GO BUY PAINKILLERS // June the 12th, eleven days until trip to Helsinki // My throat’s a bit sore. Correlation tells me that next up will be death!

Seeing Axu: x=time; y=health



Kirjoitettu 10.06.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa Yleinen.

”What weird habits do you have?”

Sleeping on the floor (is sleeping a habit?) / Drag (party-crossdressing) / And spontaneously speaking Swedish! // But what is weird? Lots of western people sleep without a bed frame. / A motor mouth is a motor mouth in every language they can speak, and I doubt that anyone (especially not me!) considers being talkative to be weird. / But I suppose wearing ”women’s” clothing is weird, unusual, freaky, for most people. And awesome things are often weird. (Drag = awesome, yo.)

”Who would you choose to represent Finland in EurovisionSong Contest?”

Mariska! [Finnish pop singer slash songwriter] / Shit just got real! Put on these old rap clothes of yours, and off to Denmark you go!

[I have no fucking clue if this is a really bad trick question, or non sequitur.]

”What would you do with Moominpappa, Sauli Niinistö, [current president of Finland] and Johanna Tukiainen? [Finnish cosmopolitan]”


* mutu-mutu-muumuumuu

Kirjoitettu 6.06.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa agit-prop, merda d'artista.

Could it be that, with the queer scene of Oulu being quite microscopic, lots of people merely pretend to like each other just so that they wouldn’t seem like douchebags in the eyes of the entire scene? / And that this dishonesty bitters already bitter people even more? And that the ones deliberately avoiding ”The Scene” because of this are, in fact, contributing to this bitterness? / Is it like this everywhere in Finland? Cliques keep a-clique-ing, outsiders poison the air by dissing the air poisoned, queer community gets cut off, isolated, excluded even for itself, and everybody has to fight their battles alone? / I’m gonna need a lot more beer than this.



Kirjoitettu 1.06.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa Yleinen.

”Your ultimate sexual fantasy?” ”How should Lord Of The Rings have ended?” ”How would you use pantyhose in a DIY kind of way?” // That’s a surprisingly tough question! / All in all, I’m rather a vanilla type of guy. // Oh I get it now! Hahaha, funny.

A fourth movie is added to the trilogy, in which people just fare each other well for three hours, just like in the ending scene (/scenes) in Return Of The King. // Seeya, we’ll miss you guys! / Sob, bye. // Sob sob sob // Also a couple of impromptu non-white characters, and Tom fuckin’ Bombadil.

I’d probably use them to filter coffee, being too lazy to buy new fiter bags. / And if they were kinky-red fishnets I would pull them over my head and rob a bank.