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Culture class orienteering party! / (I was a checkpoint host) // Then to Haapavesi, hungover as fuck. / Where the fuck is my tax card. / What the fuck am I gonna teach ’em. / What the fuck’s that smell. // I’m teaching comics in Haapavesi Academy for two days. This should be fun.

I thought you were a new student. / What, Niko’s teaching here?? // Boiled-to-death vegetables for lunch. // Then I couldn’t sleep! / You’re not making progress in college! You’re lazy and talentless! Comics won’t make ends meet!

My boobs are growing out of my neck.


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Sigh. / There. / Now I’m ready to tell about Helsinki Comics Festival!

Eeeuhhhmm first there was a feminist low-threshold comic workshop, a week before the festival. / Solidarity – Sexism – Queer – Safety – Otherness – Gender roles – Home / Time Warp! – A gay dude visits his home village and thinks back to his childhood. / I sold five copies.

Then I mostly hung around until the festival. / And folded comic packs for the comic-o-matic for the Comics Centre.

Festival weekend! // What I said to Mia Vistilä: [the author of Dear Sisters the comic] / Look at this awesome shirt! // What it probably came out like: / I want social justice chocolate cookies! / No Nixu that’s bad allyhood! / Beer.

This was so worth skipping school for an entire week. Now home by midnight! / Ca. 50€ worth of comics and stuff. // Ring-a-ling, we can’t find the driver, just a sec. / What. // Ring-a-ling, the train’s out of order and we’ll be stuck for two fucking hours. // At 3:30 AM I got home. The next schoolday was quite painful! / Sorry I took a while, please don’t look at me or talk to me. / I had a blast. Doin’ it again next year! (The theme then will be Germany and LGBTQ-comics.)


* no translation because foreigners don’t give a damn about this band

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