Kuukausiarkisto maaliskuu, 2015

* nokkela tamperekuplii-aiheinen otsikko

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Fever’s rising. Can’t miss the Tampere Comic Festival again, though. // Troublemakers in the train. / Hrrgh I’ve been in fucking prison for manslaughter, give me that fucking vodka bottle. / Nope, not gonna tell ’em to keep it down. // Cops took them eventually. / Can’t sleep, train’s in Tampere in two hours. // No time to be sick, my life is too cosmopolitan. And my marker’s fucking dying on me.


The number you’ve tried to reach is unavailable etc etc. / Fuuuck. / Juho is totally one of those people who turn off their phone at nighttime. How weird is that! // Good thing we’re living in a scrutinized world, so: / (A Facebook status update where Juho tells a part of his address.) // Found the right building at first try! // (Aggressively rings the doorbell.)


Forenoon: / It’s raining. Good thing I’m smart as fuck and brought an umbrella! // (Busted soles.) // Can’t afford even zines. Why are comic festivals so consumerist to me? / Today’s panels were boring and irrelevant. / Bought two zines by friends.


Sunday morning (=1PM) / Shit, Charlie panel’s starting soon. // CHOMP! / (Hanging around on the table for two days.) // (Aggressively suffers mild food poisoning.) / In the evening I was fine again, then train back home and now I’m at home and yeah. See you next year with better luck and better markers and better everything


* minna canthin päivä

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* naistenpäivä

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110315 naistenpv

there, now i can keep not updating for another two and a half weeks or more.