Kuukausiarkisto marraskuu, 2014

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My mom came over for the weekend to see Hector (a Finnish schlager-folk-rock artist) in Ouluhalli. // The evening before Roosa and I cleaned the fuck out of out apartment. / A month’s worth of shit rotting everywhere…! / Remember: Fruitflies are actually faeries. // Friday morning: / Seems that you didn’t mop the floor. / You can sleep in the stairwell if you want…


Nothing happened on Friday. // On Saturday we went shopping for pants. / Short-ass legs. / Legs that go on forever. / In the end, only mom found some decent jeans. // How nice of you to cut back on smoking! / Yeah, I’m feeling great! // Well my cab’s here. Bye! // Vroom. // –


When mom came back from the concert I, too, made my way into Saturday night. / Let’s drink booze. // Did y’all like the gig? / Oh yes! / You should’ve seen her in person. // In Ouluhalli: / What a great second song! Right? // – // Oh, it’s Marco Bjurström. (a Finnish corepgrapher/TV game host, and a huge deal in late 90’s/early 2000’s.)


When you were born, I sang to you Hector’s translated cover or ”Child Of Mine.” / That’s cute.