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Puntalarock 2017! / Eternal megatired // This year was actually very perky in my part! I didn’t drink too much or too little, weather was okay, camping site was awesome… Zines and patches I totally should’ve bought, though.

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KUSIPÄÄ. / *shit-eating noises* / Oopsie daisy. / I hope he’s fine. // I had cool denim boxers again! Hello boys.

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KOVAA RASVAA! / Two minutes in: / *wheeze* / I’m too unathletic for moshpit. // Then I smooched a cute Dutch boy. Smoochy smoochy.

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*Casual rape banter* / What the–?! / This shit is worse than that other band in our stageplay promo party. / What kinda old dirty man punk… // I handed out stageplay flyers. / Hey, broke-ass southerner! Come to Oulu to see a stageplay! / Of course I will!

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… // LILITH!!! / Nature voicescape of the week. // We happened to have some homophobic camping neighbours now. / We stole a few beers from them. / THAT’S ALL

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Hirvitalo front yard. Warm beer. I’m home.

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