Kuukausiarkisto kesäkuu, 2015

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Kirjoitettu 29.06.2015 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.


When travelling, I slip into this weird non-time that doesn’t exist, while real life only continues when I’m home again. / This must be one of the most important reasons why long distance relationship didn’t work for us. / Long distance friendship, however, works just perfect.


Friday night fever had me going to Hercules. / You’re my first ever drag icon. / How nice to hear that! You have drag in Finland? / In Helsinki, yes, but not in Oulu where I come from… // Then you should establish the tradition!


Saturday, Pride parade day! / We’ve been standing here for an hour. What gives? / (I’m hot, I’m hungry, I’m thirsty, I need to pee.) / The parade has started already. But there’s no fast way to put 25.000 people in one line. / Gay propaganda! Solidarity! Continuous struggle! Revolution!


Hi Mom, you had called? We were in the Pride parade with Axu. / Oh? You’re back together?? // …MOTHER NO. / …Uh-huh. / (You’re still friends with Dad as well, stupid.) // I, THE GREAT WILD GOOSE, HAVE SHAT EVERYWHERE. / I sold all your comics. I told you you should’ve brought more! / Black-pink money.


Later in the evening we went to the beach… with style. / Fuckin’ homos! / Thanks. / Beep beep!!! // THEN WE DANCED TILL SUNRISE! / Ok well I mostly sat around drunk. I HAD A BLAST HUGS AND KISSES <3