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11.06.2014 - 11:14 / nikopetteri.

Tuesday, June the 10th. / Didn’t sleep for shit. / Shitty lunch. / Heavy camera. / Busted my bicycle. / Internship day at Kulttuuribingo #7! Yay! // What the Vice President said: / Too bad you didn’t bring a laptop with! Why don’t you do so tomorrow so we’ll come up with things to do much easier.* / (*: It’s kinda quiet at The Bingo.) // What it sounded like: / You lazy, un-initiating piece of shit! Don’t you know anything? Make some coffee and get out of my sight! / Sorry.

[Sadly eats frozen pizza] // Toss! // There’s a festival on the weekend! Why don’t you come and represent The Bingo etc? / And take photos ’n shit. / (Patron saint of work motivation!) // That dude looks exactly like my father! Or myself ca. 20 years from now.

Theory! / Nixu from the future is a productive culture personality and/or just a swell lad, and he time-warped to save my anxious ass. / Yo. // Thanks for the time paradox, me from the future! Hopefully the time-space won’t collapse because of us. / P.S. I’ve actually had a great time at The Bingo, coworkers are awesome and work assignments too, I was just a bit anxious that day okay bye

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  1. Reya Kirjoittaa:

    Tulinpa tutustumaan tähän blogiin kun se eilen tuli puheeksi, vaikken ookkaan ihan pikkufanityttö enää. Hassuja juttuja, tuun toistekki. Wii!
    ps. captcha on kauhea

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