BARCELONA 3.-11.3. PART 1: älä opeta isääs nussimaan

22.03.2014 - 20:01 / nikopetteri.

Mon 3/3. Woke up at 5AM for our flight via Oslo. // How could one sleep with a view like this! (Never flown before.) // Axu, look! It’s the Maledives!* / Please let me sleep. (Has flown before.) // *I’m terrible at geography, and called the Pyrenees the Maledives the entire trip.

So warm… / ¡Hola! Welcome to Barcelona! // (Rustling) / We stayed at an occupied house that was ”founded” in December, home to a bit over ten people.

In Spain, alcohol is as cheap as it gets. // Thus it is okay to just take what you want, pretty much. / If there was a bottle on the table, it was everybody’s property and one could take a sip without asking. // Nixu. Leave the rest. /(The most common Finnish sentence used by the non-Finns.) // You should always buy at least one third more alcohol than you drink yourself, just to be sure. // Yeah, you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.

There was an assload of parrots at the dog park (and pretty much everywhere else). / Kaw! Kaw! / Fuck they’re so annoying. / But it’s nice to hear something else than pidgeon or jackdaw noises for a change. // Mä oon Axu ja tässon Nixu. // ”Axu ja Nixu”? Ai, niinku Asterix ja Obelix! // Ja ”Parhaat lempinimet ikinä” -palkinnon saa tämä mimmi tässä.

Actually, cigarettes were easily the biggest expense during the trip. / 95% of the food was dumpster-dived (or ”recycled”, as they said in the squat.) // The ground floor of the squat had one water tap, where one also got their toilet water. / You got used to it, of course, but the culture shock was inevitable. // Tired, drunk, stressed, nervous,excited, bohemia, confusion, unsafeness, anxiety. / Then I was fine, yay.

[Here happened quite little??!?] // Shit, that cop saw our beercans. / I hardly think they cared. //Are we even close to that punk pub? / Sometimes the locals tell the wrong directions on purpose. // Äh, vitut. // Thu 3/6: Fatso Day! // (”Roommate”, a 50-ish year-old dude who didn’t speak English.) / Let’s go out for breakfast. / Hrrnngh. // Dry falafel, 4€. / Better than nothing. // Mamma mia, indoor plumbing! / (Shitting noises)

Back in Badal/Casa Finlandia there was damn good potato dinner. / In elementary school no-one knew how to peel a potato. So we tried to get out of trouble by telling the teacher: ”Did you not know, Sir/Ma’am, that the skin is the healthiest part of a potato?” / Where I come from, the potatoes were pre-peeled pieces of rubber. / (The dishes were washed in a semi-filthy children’s bathtub.) // And stop being so mushy, for God’s sake! // … // Jealous. // In the evening, Pizza-Cine. A big-ass squat with a restaurant/bar and kickboxing training. / And a big movie screen, of course.

Ja näin seinään loppuu osa 1! And this is how abruptly ends part 1!


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    KOvaT maiNinGit!! Hyvä :)

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    millä rahalla kaikki köyhät taiteilijat ja maailmanparantajat aina reissaavat ympäri maailmaa. ja mikä siellä ulkomailla aina viehättää. ite en ole ehtinyt vielä suomeakaan nähdä.

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