Kuukausiarkisto tammikuu, 2014

* darda merdista

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* idle hands are devil’s tools

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”Who needs hands? Not these fellas.”

So I figured out what to do for my photo reportage, schmoto schmeportage. / I’ll photograph artists’ hands! All coveres in paint and graphite and nail polish and shit and piss. / And as soon as I came to Liminka School Of Arts, I become really dorky and creative.

Artschool equals home to me. Although it’s here exactly where my anxiety crap began. I took up hypersexuality. I had panic attacks. I broke up from my boyfriend. Big stuff happened. But maybe that’s exactly why this place is important to me. So much baggage. Here’s where my current self began.

Poor substitute beds and expensive breakfast is plenty a reason to finish my reportage by the end of the day.


* i put the AH in AHISTAA

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