even more choices + LIPSYNC #3: VEGAN REVENGE FANTASIES tulossa pian!!!!!

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Psst, guys! My new zine is available in Tampere 16.-19.3. wherever you might catch me!

Tampere Kuplii (Tampere-talo yms)

Kirnupiimä Kuplii (Pispalan kirjasto, lauantai 18.3.)

Tryer (Vastavirta, perjantai 17.3.)

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(Kulttuurivoimala job certificate) (Välitila) (Degree certificate from school) // I have no reason to move, nor do I have a reason not to. / Ei duunia, ei koulua, ei kinosta, ei vituta. // I don’t want to get stuck in here. / To think too much. To stall. / ”I’ll move next month, or in autumn! Just to wait out the long lines in social security!” / (1000 years later)

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Hiya! I’m broke, lazy and messy. I love living in my own filth and avoid doing any work whatsoever. / OTTAKAA MUT DUUNIIN.

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Geez, this is going to be one heck of a Movie Moment! So cute it’s gross! // (Like an hour later:) / Sons-of-bitches lost my luggage! / AGH. / So we went to buy groceries!

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Robbie was head over heels about the exotic Finland. / There’s all kinds of gluten-free stuff here! / British coffee is gross and bland! / Especially the hypermarket next door and Juhla-Mokka coffee. // Kissy kissy cuddly cuddly. / Then we made out, ew, yuck.

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We had big plans indeed. // But then we ended up eating out, shopping for stuff, and making a roadtrip to Liminka. / Behold my ort art school. / Cool. / (All cars are hat-shaped Lada mobiles!) // We also watched a shit-ton of movies.  // And you didn’t even come to see me! / Although you lived right next door! Sniff! / Ya big old meanies! / Sorry, Toripolliisi. I forgot.

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A few days earlier: / Oh, I’ll have a foreign guest too! They’re French. // We’re kind of in looove. / Sounds dangerous as hell. // Why, I would never have the guts or the skills to try any lovey-dovey shit with someone who lives thousands of miles away! No ma’am! // Robbie’s coming back in a few months. Oops.

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ystävänpäivämerkintä ilman tilitystä sinkkuudesta ja kaupallisuudesta, huraa!

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JOKAINEN AVATTU OVI ON RADIKAALI LUOTTAMUKSEN JA RAKKAUDEN TEKO! Hyvää ystävänpäivää rakkaat ystävät ja kollegat <3 Happy Valentine’s day, dear friends and colleagues <3

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Tämä aukeama on teoksesta LIPSYNC #3: VEGAN REVENGE FANTASIES, joka ilmestyy Tampere Kupliissa 18.3.2017! Nähdään siellä ;)
This spread is from LIPSYNC #3: VEGAN REVENGE FANTASIES, out in Tampere Kuplii March 18th 2017! I’ll see you there ;)

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eikö me jo vuonna 2005 opittu että älkää ruokkiko rölliä

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Feminists are dumb! / And poor people too! / (Meme gibberish) (Racist boy) // What primitive and ridiculous BS! // I’ll share this link to all my friends so they’ll know not to support such poor argumentation and malign ideas! // Soon: / Our ideas are shared all throughout the country! / Spread the word! / Go team! Go right-wing populism and neoliberalism! // AND SO THEY GOT WHAT THEY WANTED. AND SO DID THEY: / Hey, nobody’s looking! Bring forth the scissors, brethren! / Hee hee! / Haw haw!

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hei-hei vaan mä fei-feidaan

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I / LOVE FLAKING OUT! // I’ll flake your birthday! // I’ll flake your wedding! / Who’s that? No clue. / Bye! // I’ll flake your funeral! // I’ll flake my own funeral! / Gotta go, bye. BR: Me. // I <3 FLAKING OUT

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