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5.07.2017 - 12:57 / nikopetteri.

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Holaaa! Teatterin tekeminen on paitsi fyysisesti ja henkisesti rankkaa, myös luovia resursseja syövää. Kaikki ajatustoimintani pyörii Ankin ja kumppanien ympärillä! Olen silti saanut raapustettua harjoituskauden aikana jotain satunnaisia piirustuksia, joista tässä parhaat palat.

Tervetuloa siis kaikki lukijat Oulun Ylioppilasteatterin kesänäytelmän HUOJUVA TORNI näytöksiin! Ensi-ilta 14.7. Byströmin sisäpihalla, lisätietoja Facebookista ja OYT:n sivuilta.

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Ollaan tosiaan myös tekemässä Roosan kanssa pienlehteä! Minä käsikirjoitin, rakas ystäväni ja ex-kämppikseni Roosa piirtää. Ilmestyy kesän aikana ;-* Tässä hahmosuunnitelmat, jotka Roosan avuksi piirsin.

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Käytiin kans Pikipopissa Tuomas Henrikin Jeesuksen Kristuksen Bändin keikalla. Kova meno oli, muttei tätä yksittäistä ruutua enempää:

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pussy good pussy sweet

5.06.2017 - 12:10 / nikopetteri.

050617-thrussy (1)

Life control skills of an unemployed art shit: / Clean desk. / Matching intact socks.

050617-thrussy (2)

Since I’m staying in Oulu for the summer… // I’ll die of loneliness if I just stay at home working on my graphic novel. I’ll apply for an amateur theatre play! // You’re cast as Anki Nordström, an enigmatic trans woman. Welcome to the production! / Trans woman? // Cis guy playing a trans woman again! Harmful stereotypes! / Do I have to let them down and turn down the role? Insincere! Unethical! Transphobic! / I thought the casting call said Anki is a crossdresser or a drag queen!? / I wish I had helped them find a real trans woman for the role! But isn’t that the director’s job, after all… / I must discuss with the director and the playwright.

050617-thrussy (3)

We’re a small university theatre, not a huge Hollywood studio. Sometimes we gotta do a lil D.I.Y.! / In my artistic point of view (and trans man opinion) two cis actors are okay to play trans guy and trans gal in a queer-feminist summer play without it being the end of the world. / I guess, but… // Eventually I didn’t back out of the production. There might be some internet heat, but as an actor I am willing to own up to my decision to see this through. / One can’t live their life as a constant declaration of human rights or a bright example to others. / Sometimes one can apply crass humour? / (Quotes from The Swaying Tower, written by Epe Niiranen in 2017.)

050617-thrussy (4)

In other news! // Pling! // (Arttu the roommate) / We’re having a new subtenant! / ? / A cat! / ??? // You didn’t ask my opinion about getting a cat though, but I’m not even mad. Cats rule! / I have talked about this in length. You just never remember anything anyone says ever. / True. // PARHAAT YSTÄVÄT! // His name is Sigmund. / Cock pussy motherfucker.

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sokuria tankisa

24.05.2017 - 14:24 / nikopetteri.

240517-hardlyworking (1)

Again, I haven’t drawn in weeks. / (GUILT) // Robbie visited. / I’m a bad person. // It’s easy to fall into mental depths as an unemployed artist. Especially with a non-existent work morale like mine, and when I’m supposed to be my own boss in a self-employing profession. I don’t know how to have self-discipline. // I gone and done had a new tattoo made! / I used Gaylord Phoenx by Edie Fake as source material and inspiration for my bachelor’s thesis. Experimental alternative comix.

240517-hardlyworking (2)

I took on theatre. / We’re working on The Toppling Tower by Epe Niiranen, his first play. 80’s punk and 2010’s artist crises in Oulu, with a touch of LGBTQ stuff.

240517-hardlyworking (3)

Training has been physically taxing. / My character will be spending a lot of time climbing, as the name of the play suggests. Better start exercising! / I don’t know what else has been going on in my life during the past month. I gotta learn how to draw again first. I feel inadequate

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17.04.2017 - 17:53 / nikopetteri.

170417-oultreTHESEQUEL (1)

So I got the apartment in Tampere, moving in June. // Two weeks later, at night: / OUUU-HUHUHUUU! I’m gonna miss my friends! And Snooker Time! And Heinäpää! And Snooker Time! OUUU-HUHUHUUU!!!

170417-oultreTHESEQUEL (2)

Social circles change all the time, it’s no use crying over it too much. / You can’t stay in Oulu forever! Live a little! / The decision must be yours. We will be here to support your choice, but we can’t make the decision for you. // In the Villa Salin Comics Camp Residence, Helsinki, my thought process got into its logical conclusion. / (I wasn’t actually on the phone but it made more narrative sense to me.) / (I caught a cold.) / My life is too turbulent to move to another city right now. I gotta put Tampere on hold until I sort things out. / That’s understandable, but I wish you had told me you need some time to think.

170417-oultreTHESEQUEL (3)

Moving while unemployed is a hassle even if one were not mentally unstable – especially to an apartment with a contract for less than six months! / (Oh and I also graduated from school, graduation party date TBA.) // So! I’ll stay in Oulu until my money flow becomes more preditable, or I find a more stable housing in Tampere. / I will put the upcoming summer in use artistically as well as I can. Wish me luck!

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Tampere Kuplii 2017 ja lisää välitiloja

21.03.2017 - 18:10 / nikopetteri.

21-03-2017-trekpl (1)

Tampere Kuplii 2017! / Feels exotic to be able to afford the train. A four hour trip feels like nothing! // Comic Finlandia prize went to Voro (The Thief) by Janne Kukkonen. / But art! / War! / Cows! / Tut-tut, you’ve been conditioned to think less of less high-brow comics! / I was so sure of Kannas (The Isthmus) by Hanneriina Moisseinen winning that I was utterly perplexed. // Rationally thinking, of course, The Thief is an extremely well-executed and visually coherent an adventure. Congrats, Janne! / Look at you fuckin’ reading all this artsy shit and ending up drawing about furries drinking booze and making poop jokes. Lol!

21-03-2017-trekpl (2)

Saturday in zine sale: // (12-13-year-old anime kids) / (One of their friends who forgot to eat, drink and/or breathe) // Hey! // Please take your friend to the event organizers. // I saw you from back there. For a moment I thought you were manhandling that kid! // Nixu the child abuser! Oooh!

21-03-2017-trekpl (3)

I managed to schedule my lunch break so inconveniently that I missed all the interesting panels. / Then again all of the panelists were my friends and acquaintances so I probably hear about their projects and thoughts all the time anyway. // Kirnupiimä Kuplii in Pispala Library! / I’m moving out of my hometown for real. I have to start everything all over again in Tampere. I feel so damn melancholic. I owe this to myself to do something big and radical in my life. I’m scared and sad. I feel homeless. // So I went to Artturi to see Jukka Takalo live and had a few beers with people from Oulu. / (Oulu dialect gibberish) // It’s a good thing there are so many people from Oulu living in Tampere so I won’t miss Snooker Time Pub, Toripolliisi statue or garlic ice cream too much. / (even more Oulu dialect gibberish)

21-03-2017-trekpl (4)

(Hangover) // Autograph, please? // My idiot gut reaction says: / Why would Kaisa Leka the great artist want an autograph by little old Niko-Petteri from the block? / But my rational mind intruded: / Comic artists are not celebrities but rather a bunch of bullied nerds with book deals. / I dunno, that sounded kinda harsh. Anyway. // I checked out my friend’s apartment in Kaleva region to see if I could become their roommate for the summer. // Then I took the liminal space also known as the train to one un-home back to another un-home. / Monday marked the beginning of my last week at work. Next week I’ll get my degree certificate. SPRING.

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