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I / LOVE FLAKING OUT! // I’ll flake your birthday! // I’ll flake your wedding! / Who’s that? No clue. / Bye! // I’ll flake your funeral! // I’ll flake my own funeral! / Gotta go, bye. BR: Me. // I <3 FLAKING OUT


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* be the change u want to see in this wrdllr

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”I am going to beat the universe in its own game.”

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Oulu Comic Festival came and went. // In the meanwhile, sad news shook the city. // Spare a loose coin? / ”Coin Tane” was known to the entire city. // Um // Sure, just a sec. / Thank you very much. / (Winter or spring 2012 or 2013.) / Most encounters were brief but warm-hearted. No need for inane details such as seasons. // One would absent-mindedly spare change, other would shoot the breeze, third treat to salmon soup. / Anyone with a dash of Oulu inside them wouldn’t dream of saying ’no way!’ to Tane. // The news came to the internet and also my knowledhe via Tane’s favourite money game machine. / To Coin Tane! / (Festival Friday, instead of opening ceremony.)


* paittakaa soronoid

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(Mom:) You ought to call your grandma, she’s starting to fade. Memory issues etc. // God, I’m not ready to confront a close relative’s death. / Such pressure! As if she’ll die any second now, and my phonecall will be a race against time! // Hi grandma, how’s it going? Niko her– / Hey! Long time no talk! Blah blah blah / …Yes, right! // One may notice which parent I got my pessimism and paranoia from.