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Kirjoitettu 13.12.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

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Sup barkeep! I’m back home after three months! / Oh, I didn’t notice you were gone. / – / OULU COMICS FESTIVAL

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Oulu Main Library: / The right-wing populist cryptofascist party has blown big money to reserve the large auditorium for their meeting, right at the same time as the comic festival opening ceremony. / Christ. // You could tell from miles away who had come for the comic and who hadn’t. / (Just by the confused and offended look on their faces. Making fun of people’s clothes and appearance is not cool or punk rock. // In the ”101 Comics From Finland” exhibition opening I was pretty and quenched. / OPEN IN OULU MUSEUM OF ARTS UNTIL JAN 7TH 2018!

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On Saturday I interviewed H-P Lehkonen. / What advice wouldst thou give to cishet authors writing LGBTQ characters? / I recommend you get yourself a sensitivity reader! / For my new comic ”Life Outside The Circle” I got help writing and designing the Finnish-Turkish main character from a person I know who’s also Finnish-Turkish.

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Hetkinen… / Love wipes evil out of me! / In Tukikohta: Independence Day blah bluh blah blah.


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Kirjoitettu 30.11.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

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Do you agree to the terms and conditions of this rental contract? / (Work space. 62,50€ per month. Deposit: 145€.) / No. No. No! It’s too expensive! No!! / Yes. // You can’t afford to keep it up for twelve whole months! Käänny takas! Käänny takaaaaaaas!!! / Bye now! / (”Bye” but in Tampere dialect which I loathe and despise) //

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Well! Now that I have to pay myself sick for the work space I think I might just actually go and work there every once in a while. / But I still gotta wait another full week before the Hyhky basement locker will start paying herself back, because… // OULU COMIC FESTIVAL is here again! As am I! Hi Oulu! I missed you <3 / (”I missed you too. Will you come and hug me?” but in Oulu dialect which I love and adore) / No. / Ok.

Oulun sarjakuvafestivaali 1.-3.12.2017


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Kirjoitettu 19.09.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.


Mua jotenkin epäilyttää julkaista tää kuvitus??? Vaikka siinä on natsipariskunta esitetty naurettavassa ja epäsuotuisassa valossa (ja tungin vielä varmuuden vuoksi FUCK NAZIS NATSIT VITTUUN-vesileiman overlay-filtteriksi :D) niin onhan ne silti vähän symppiksiä eläinhahmoja. Mutta ehkä mun nyt pitää vaan luottaa että useimpien ihmisten mielikuvissa sika on tyhmä ja likainen eläin…

Tässä vielä vaitonainen kohtaaminen nasuparin kanssa:


(Central Square.) / Oooh, look at that voima-asetelman vakiinnuttaminen. / (A nazi and his girlfriend, walking into red lights.) / (Me on a new bike waiting for green lights, not wanting to fall over in front of a car.) // (Kaleva district.) (A narrow walkway.) // Does this look like a bike lane to you?! // Not all the rules are meant to or worth breaking. / (Car lane.) / Anarchism is about making room for EVERYONE. (Except nazis.)


* hesan festarit ja lupaus tulevasta

Kirjoitettu 12.09.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

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Now that my room is liveable I can finally report on Helsinki Comics Festival! But first… // H-P Lehkonen paid my deposit! <3 / (2000€ per month salary in comics industry.) / You can pay back whenever, no rush. / Thank you! / (Unemployed bum.)

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SO YEAH, HKI. / (Several kilos of Pokuto comics.) / Thank God that was my last Oulu-Helsinki busride! / (Nine hours in a cheap bus.) // I missed Broken Minds exhibition because I really needed to rest after my trip. Next year I’ll be more awake: there’s a regional train from Tampere to Helsinki! / I didn’t buy any of my friends’ zines! I’m such a bad friend!

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It’s always nice to see my friends and colleagues in Helsinki Comics Festival. It’s such an empowering feeling like ”You got this dude, you’re a good comic artist and if you work hard you will make great things.” / (Jiipu won in Best Comic Blog category!) / (I was too shy to talk to Sophie Labelle.)

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Nothing much to say about moving to Tampere. Packing the car, 6-hour trip in the car, unpacking the car, all went smoothly. My room is all decorated and everything. / I only needed to pack my clothes, books, and electronics; the house has its own furniture in place.) / I’ll talk about adjusting to my new life in Tampere as soon as I get to it. For the time being, I’ll wait for employment center benefits so I’ll get a bike or a bus card. Bye! (Tampere dialect is not my favourite thing in the world and it’s getting kind of old to imitate it whenever you hear somebody lives there.)