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110917-helskuta (1)

Now that my room is liveable I can finally report on Helsinki Comics Festival! But first… // H-P Lehkonen paid my deposit! <3 / (2000€ per month salary in comics industry.) / You can pay back whenever, no rush. / Thank you! / (Unemployed bum.)

110917-helskuta (2)

SO YEAH, HKI. / (Several kilos of Pokuto comics.) / Thank God that was my last Oulu-Helsinki busride! / (Nine hours in a cheap bus.) // I missed Broken Minds exhibition because I really needed to rest after my trip. Next year I’ll be more awake: there’s a regional train from Tampere to Helsinki! / I didn’t buy any of my friends’ zines! I’m such a bad friend!

110917-helskuta (3)

It’s always nice to see my friends and colleagues in Helsinki Comics Festival. It’s such an empowering feeling like ”You got this dude, you’re a good comic artist and if you work hard you will make great things.” / (Jiipu won in Best Comic Blog category!) / (I was too shy to talk to Sophie Labelle.)

110917-helskuta (4)

Nothing much to say about moving to Tampere. Packing the car, 6-hour trip in the car, unpacking the car, all went smoothly. My room is all decorated and everything. / I only needed to pack my clothes, books, and electronics; the house has its own furniture in place.) / I’ll talk about adjusting to my new life in Tampere as soon as I get to it. For the time being, I’ll wait for employment center benefits so I’ll get a bike or a bus card. Bye! (Tampere dialect is not my favourite thing in the world and it’s getting kind of old to imitate it whenever you hear somebody lives there.)


* long odds

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250817-itkupillunpaluu (1)

Summer play’s been played, and I’m worn out as hell. // I’m moving to Tampere in 2½* weeks, and th– / WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ARE YOU GOING TO STUDY OR GET A JOB WHAT HUH WHAT!??!!!!???!?!? // God I hate that question. What if I just want a change of scenery? Discover myself?? Yeah, I’m an unemployed piece of shit! I’m only going to hang around and drink beer in Vastavirta pub! // Olkoon sitten niin! I’m not interested in a ”real job”! / SKEITTAA JA DELAA!

(*: Bloggaushetkellä tasan kaksi viikkoa. / Two weeks at this exact time of blogging.)

250817-itkupillunpaluu (2)

I’ve slowly been saying goodbye to all the places in Oulu. / Regular pub. / Gig joint. / Gay bar. *smooch, slobber* / Regular pub. / Underground culture centre. / Regular pub. / Regular pub barkeeper custard! // Don’t go! All the cool guys are leaving Oulu! / I’ve already done my mourning. / Not again. Ou-hu-huu! / Some have even said they’re angry that I’m leaving. I’ll let ’em be.

250817-itkupillunpaluu (3)

I attended a tarot reading the other day. / What’s all this tomfoolery. / Aw come on, it’ll be fun! / Ugh, fine. // In my opinion, tarot is not a divination device or a magick item, but rather like a lense through which one can put different aspects of their life into focus. One universal main theme at a time, one can observe their past, future, values, choices and human relationships. All the aspects of the cards are within all of us already, but with the aid of the cards it’s easier to focus on them in more depth. I know I said ’focus’ twice. / Ooh! Aah! The universe is guiding me! Gumbaya!

250817-itkupillunpaluu (4)

Atop thy head. Within thy core. Beneath thy feet. Thy past, thy future… And the peeps and things and stuff affecting your life ’n shit. // I do not fully recall my deck or what each card symbolized, so this is a fully liberal recital! Obviously the whole picture affects each individual card immensely, so it’s not possible to deduce much! / (Fear of failure, a will to survive and thrive.) / (Great things and deeds ahead, very exciting.) / (Something something fucked up family Freud Freud blah blah blah.) / BUT FUCK THE DECK FOR NOW!

250817-itkupillunpaluu (5)

Huh! / I’ve been a bit angry at you for leaving, but this deck is totally saying that you’re doing the right thing. / So yeah! Good luck on your journey. // … // OUUU-HU-HU-HUUU!!! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear from you-hou-houuu!!!

250817-itkupillunpaluu (6)

So what if I cherrypicked the most pleasant interpretation for myself! / I’ve got the universe’s blessing – and more importantly, my friends’ blessing! / I’m moving to Tampere if it kills me! // And hey, I absolutely do have a ”real job!” Because making art is some laborious shit! / Gimme all your art grant money! And all the main roles! / Nyeoom! Bam! Suck on my left titty, Job Centre!



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070817-itkupillu (3)

Puntalarock 2017! / Eternal megatired // This year was actually very perky in my part! I didn’t drink too much or too little, weather was okay, camping site was awesome… Zines and patches I totally should’ve bought, though.

070817-itkupillu (4)

KUSIPÄÄ. / *shit-eating noises* / Oopsie daisy. / I hope he’s fine. // I had cool denim boxers again! Hello boys.

070817-itkupillu (5)

KOVAA RASVAA! / Two minutes in: / *wheeze* / I’m too unathletic for moshpit. // Then I smooched a cute Dutch boy. Smoochy smoochy.

070817-itkupillu (6)

*Casual rape banter* / What the–?! / This shit is worse than that other band in our stageplay promo party. / What kinda old dirty man punk… // I handed out stageplay flyers. / Hey, broke-ass southerner! Come to Oulu to see a stageplay! / Of course I will!

070817-itkupillu (7)

… // LILITH!!! / Nature voicescape of the week. // We happened to have some homophobic camping neighbours now. / We stole a few beers from them. / THAT’S ALL

070817-itkupillu (1) 070817-itkupillu (2)

Hirvitalo front yard. Warm beer. I’m home.


* pussy good pussy sweet

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050617-thrussy (1)

Life control skills of an unemployed art shit: / Clean desk. / Matching intact socks.

050617-thrussy (2)

Since I’m staying in Oulu for the summer… // I’ll die of loneliness if I just stay at home working on my graphic novel. I’ll apply for an amateur theatre play! // You’re cast as Anki Nordström, an enigmatic trans woman. Welcome to the production! / Trans woman? // Cis guy playing a trans woman again! Harmful stereotypes! / Do I have to let them down and turn down the role? Insincere! Unethical! Transphobic! / I thought the casting call said Anki is a crossdresser or a drag queen!? / I wish I had helped them find a real trans woman for the role! But isn’t that the director’s job, after all… / I must discuss with the director and the playwright.

050617-thrussy (3)

We’re a small university theatre, not a huge Hollywood studio. Sometimes we gotta do a lil D.I.Y.! / In my artistic point of view (and trans man opinion) two cis actors are okay to play trans guy and trans gal in a queer-feminist summer play without it being the end of the world. / I guess, but… // Eventually I didn’t back out of the production. There might be some internet heat, but as an actor I am willing to own up to my decision to see this through. / One can’t live their life as a constant declaration of human rights or a bright example to others. / Sometimes one can apply crass humour? / (Quotes from The Swaying Tower, written by Epe Niiranen in 2017.)

050617-thrussy (4)

In other news! // Pling! // (Arttu the roommate) / We’re having a new subtenant! / ? / A cat! / ??? // You didn’t ask my opinion about getting a cat though, but I’m not even mad. Cats rule! / I have talked about this in length. You just never remember anything anyone says ever. / True. // PARHAAT YSTÄVÄT! // His name is Sigmund. / Cock pussy motherfucker.


* sokuria tankisa

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240517-hardlyworking (1)

Again, I haven’t drawn in weeks. / (GUILT) // Robbie visited. / I’m a bad person. // It’s easy to fall into mental depths as an unemployed artist. Especially with a non-existent work morale like mine, and when I’m supposed to be my own boss in a self-employing profession. I don’t know how to have self-discipline. // I gone and done had a new tattoo made! / I used Gaylord Phoenx by Edie Fake as source material and inspiration for my bachelor’s thesis. Experimental alternative comix.

240517-hardlyworking (2)

I took on theatre. / We’re working on The Toppling Tower by Epe Niiranen, his first play. 80’s punk and 2010’s artist crises in Oulu, with a touch of LGBTQ stuff.

240517-hardlyworking (3)

Training has been physically taxing. / My character will be spending a lot of time climbing, as the name of the play suggests. Better start exercising! / I don’t know what else has been going on in my life during the past month. I gotta learn how to draw again first. I feel inadequate