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Kirjoitettu 24.05.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

240517-hardlyworking (1)

Again, I haven’t drawn in weeks. / (GUILT) // Robbie visited. / I’m a bad person. // It’s easy to fall into mental depths as an unemployed artist. Especially with a non-existent work morale like mine, and when I’m supposed to be my own boss in a self-employing profession. I don’t know how to have self-discipline. // I gone and done had a new tattoo made! / I used Gaylord Phoenx by Edie Fake as source material and inspiration for my bachelor’s thesis. Experimental alternative comix.

240517-hardlyworking (2)

I took on theatre. / We’re working on The Toppling Tower by Epe Niiranen, his first play. 80’s punk and 2010’s artist crises in Oulu, with a touch of LGBTQ stuff.

240517-hardlyworking (3)

Training has been physically taxing. / My character will be spending a lot of time climbing, as the name of the play suggests. Better start exercising! / I don’t know what else has been going on in my life during the past month. I gotta learn how to draw again first. I feel inadequate


* maitojuna

Kirjoitettu 17.04.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

170417-oultreTHESEQUEL (1)

So I got the apartment in Tampere, moving in June. // Two weeks later, at night: / OUUU-HUHUHUUU! I’m gonna miss my friends! And Snooker Time! And Heinäpää! And Snooker Time! OUUU-HUHUHUUU!!!

170417-oultreTHESEQUEL (2)

Social circles change all the time, it’s no use crying over it too much. / You can’t stay in Oulu forever! Live a little! / The decision must be yours. We will be here to support your choice, but we can’t make the decision for you. // In the Villa Salin Comics Camp Residence, Helsinki, my thought process got into its logical conclusion. / (I wasn’t actually on the phone but it made more narrative sense to me.) / (I caught a cold.) / My life is too turbulent to move to another city right now. I gotta put Tampere on hold until I sort things out. / That’s understandable, but I wish you had told me you need some time to think.

170417-oultreTHESEQUEL (3)

Moving while unemployed is a hassle even if one were not mentally unstable – especially to an apartment with a contract for less than six months! / (Oh and I also graduated from school, graduation party date TBA.) // So! I’ll stay in Oulu until my money flow becomes more preditable, or I find a more stable housing in Tampere. / I will put the upcoming summer in use artistically as well as I can. Wish me luck!


* Tampere Kuplii 2017 ja lisää välitiloja

Kirjoitettu 21.03.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

21-03-2017-trekpl (1)

Tampere Kuplii 2017! / Feels exotic to be able to afford the train. A four hour trip feels like nothing! // Comic Finlandia prize went to Voro (The Thief) by Janne Kukkonen. / But art! / War! / Cows! / Tut-tut, you’ve been conditioned to think less of less high-brow comics! / I was so sure of Kannas (The Isthmus) by Hanneriina Moisseinen winning that I was utterly perplexed. // Rationally thinking, of course, The Thief is an extremely well-executed and visually coherent an adventure. Congrats, Janne! / Look at you fuckin’ reading all this artsy shit and ending up drawing about furries drinking booze and making poop jokes. Lol!

21-03-2017-trekpl (2)

Saturday in zine sale: // (12-13-year-old anime kids) / (One of their friends who forgot to eat, drink and/or breathe) // Hey! // Please take your friend to the event organizers. // I saw you from back there. For a moment I thought you were manhandling that kid! // Nixu the child abuser! Oooh!

21-03-2017-trekpl (3)

I managed to schedule my lunch break so inconveniently that I missed all the interesting panels. / Then again all of the panelists were my friends and acquaintances so I probably hear about their projects and thoughts all the time anyway. // Kirnupiimä Kuplii in Pispala Library! / I’m moving out of my hometown for real. I have to start everything all over again in Tampere. I feel so damn melancholic. I owe this to myself to do something big and radical in my life. I’m scared and sad. I feel homeless. // So I went to Artturi to see Jukka Takalo live and had a few beers with people from Oulu. / (Oulu dialect gibberish) // It’s a good thing there are so many people from Oulu living in Tampere so I won’t miss Snooker Time Pub, Toripolliisi statue or garlic ice cream too much. / (even more Oulu dialect gibberish)

21-03-2017-trekpl (4)

(Hangover) // Autograph, please? // My idiot gut reaction says: / Why would Kaisa Leka the great artist want an autograph by little old Niko-Petteri from the block? / But my rational mind intruded: / Comic artists are not celebrities but rather a bunch of bullied nerds with book deals. / I dunno, that sounded kinda harsh. Anyway. // I checked out my friend’s apartment in Kaleva region to see if I could become their roommate for the summer. // Then I took the liminal space also known as the train to one un-home back to another un-home. / Monday marked the beginning of my last week at work. Next week I’ll get my degree certificate. SPRING.


* choices

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080317 (1)

Geez, this is going to be one heck of a Movie Moment! So cute it’s gross! // (Like an hour later:) / Sons-of-bitches lost my luggage! / AGH. / So we went to buy groceries!

080317 (2)

Robbie was head over heels about the exotic Finland. / There’s all kinds of gluten-free stuff here! / British coffee is gross and bland! / Especially the hypermarket next door and Juhla-Mokka coffee. // Kissy kissy cuddly cuddly. / Then we made out, ew, yuck.

080317 (3)

We had big plans indeed. // But then we ended up eating out, shopping for stuff, and making a roadtrip to Liminka. / Behold my ort art school. / Cool. / (All cars are hat-shaped Lada mobiles!) // We also watched a shit-ton of movies.  // And you didn’t even come to see me! / Although you lived right next door! Sniff! / Ya big old meanies! / Sorry, Toripolliisi. I forgot.

080317 (4)

A few days earlier: / Oh, I’ll have a foreign guest too! They’re French. // We’re kind of in looove. / Sounds dangerous as hell. // Why, I would never have the guts or the skills to try any lovey-dovey shit with someone who lives thousands of miles away! No ma’am! // Robbie’s coming back in a few months. Oops.


* elias tapani karhu

Kirjoitettu 26.12.2016 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.


Work has sucked out all my time and energy to update my blog. / But is it not a positive problem? I’m so caught up on a job in my own field that I don’t have time to focus on such frivolous things as blogging! / Since comic blogging is the most important portfolio for a comic artist, is it not its purpose to give me an actual job and make itself obsolete? // HOW ARE YOU, NIXU? / I finished the children’s book illustrations. // I don’t know the name of the book, nor have I read it, but the team gave me a Christmas postcard and non-vegan chocolate as a thanks. / (Boob milk)


Work is fun! I’m still confused about the fact that I have a job in my own field all up until spring. // MY inherent aversion of authority has raised its head. // (Two evil men, one of whom looks like Timo Hännikäinen, dangling my career above my head.) / Jump, boy! Ha-ha-haw! / No! Please be kind, o boss men! // (In reality:) / I lived in a commune twenty years ago. / I lived in one thirty years ago. / I did fifty years ago! AND I punched a cop at Woodstock! By the way Niko, you can leave early today. Merry Christmas! / Old hippies give me life <3


I did LP covers for Whatevermen. Keijjo will have my head on a plate, but I did use a font. Sorry not sorry! / I also can’t seem to draw Keijjo without a ponytail. // What about your thes– / MY WHAT A BEAUTIFUL WEATHER IT IS DONTCHA THINK. // I can’t promise anything about the next time I’ll update. Let us all hope that I will smother myself in paying art jobs so I will never even have time to think about blogging! Till next time, ciao!