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* HeteroseXual Animals #3: KUSISUKKAFEST

Kirjoitettu 25.07.2016 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa merda d'artista.

MORO PASKOILLE! Kävi niin, että mun pitää jälleen lypsää itselleni irtopisteitä koulusta kesäkuukausien aikana valmistuakseni edes jokseenkin säädyllisen aikavälin puitteissa. Mikäpä olisikaan ihanampaa kuin ottaa pienprojektiksi samaa paskaa mitä teen ihan omaksi huvikseni?

Koska tein tämän yhdessä kuukaudessa samalla opparia ja byrokratiaa jongleeraten, tuli tästä Hetskusta ihan Paska. Olisi kuitenkin sääli jos se jäisi vain kovalevylle homehtumaan, joten miksei julkaista sitä internetissä, kuten ensimmäiset Hetskut?

Joten, guys and gals and nonbinary pals: HETEROSEXUAL ANIMALS PART KOLME. ENJOY.


paina kuvaa päästäksesi lukemaan! yow-zah!


* halvat huvit

Kirjoitettu 14.07.2016 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa merda d'artista.

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* olemassaolo vallankumouksellisena tekona

Kirjoitettu 14.06.2016 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa agit-prop, merda d'artista.

140616-orlando (1)

Seitanrock, powered by Animal Liberation Oulu. / I missed the only band I knew beforehand; Had an accident at home. // An ellipse! Because you can guess what happened next! / You should’ve left it like that. So fuckin’ punk rock! / I wasn’t ready to commit to that. / (Ljuba borrowed me her trimmer.) // However the other performers were super cool as well! // (Ciprian from Romania) / I genuinely thought this would be a satanic festival cause I didn’t know that seitan is an actual dish and not just a Finnish way of writing Satan. / You are a living stereotype.

140616-orlando (2)

After supporting animal rights it was time to support human rights. / (Oulu LGBT organization 30 year anniversary! Also give us money we’re broke as hell, oops.) / It was already so late that I only paid the membership fee and had a pint or two. // On Sunday, I heard the news about Orlando shooting. / Pride events are still necessary. The world is not completed. There’s still work. Equal marriage and everything else is just the beginning. WE WILL NOT GIVE IN TO FEAR. NOR WILL WE FEED IT.


* sinusta lähden, sinuun palaan, sinä olet lasten hautausmaa

Kirjoitettu 20.05.2016 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa merda d'artista.


At this particular moment / when the apartment building next door is almost complete / I’ve left house for the first time in a week / and my new shoes don’t hurt my feet anymore. // (Spring cold? Hay fever? Hypochondria? Who knows!) // I’ve enrolled, attended, begun / with no clue if I’ll ever complete, finish, commit. // Something in me / lifted the veil of death from my face / and let the light blind me. // From light to dark, from dark to light / and never just dim enough.


* diana ross mutta 800% hidastettuna

Kirjoitettu 19.04.2016 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa merda d'artista, puuronsyönti.

 ”I should probably clean up my online presence for the sake of my future employment potential but then again we’re all gonna die with our belfies beamed into space.” Digital mixed media. (2016)


190416-sinlillarumpa (1)


190416-sinlillarumpa (2)

Thank you, motivational poster! Thank you so much for believing in me!

190416-sinlillarumpa (4)

Dumpster diving with the immigrant mother: / Get your hippie hands off of our rotten apples, Love: The Store Owner. / They even bothered to pour yoghurt all over the biowaste this time. / Could be worse… Stores in Helsinki would pour chicken marinade. And one store got sued for poisoning their trash! // (In a start-up company, no salary for four months) / I’m studying in a field that barely employs anyone. Should I switch profession? / Nothing but art truly interests me. / (No apartment, hangs around with us for a few days) After my student allowance stops flowing, that interest will starve me to death.

”Fuck, I never remember the WiFi password for my cat.” Mixed media (2016)

190416-sinlillarumpa (3)

”Plus, I might have sent a bunch of job applications with a picture of me smiling blissfully, my bedroom wall full of pictures of hunky sweaty men.” Visual poetry (2016)