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Kirjoitettu 8.01.2018 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra.

080118-letsride (1)

Ahdistuskohtaus Tammelassa. Sivellintussi liian huokoiselle paperille, 2018. / Anxiety attack in Tammela district. Brushpen on too spongy a paper, 2018.

080118-letsride (2)

I can’t not look. / (Activation model – Poverty – Blight – Death) / LEAVE IT BE / Food donation – discontinued for not making profit. / I don’t have the energy to be angry anymore. All I got left is fear and anxiety. I haven’t felt this big a burden in years, although on an intellectual level I know that’s not the case.

080118-letsride (3)

LOOKS LIKE IT’S TIME TO REMIND NIXU OF GOOD THINGS IN LIFE AGAIN! / No, I wanna wallow in self-pity! Wallow, wallow. // I live in an anarcho-feminist queer commune in the best working-class city there is. // I’m ating a cute and nice dude. / Who you still can’t draw properly, I reckon. // I’M SURE YOU’LL [Nixu] FIND SOME ART COMMUNITY TO JOIN SO THAT YOU WON’T BECOME A TOTAL RECLUSE. MÄÄ USKON SUHUN! (I couldn’t think of any more good things in my life)

080118-letsride (4)

(State:) I’m tired of trying. Help me out! / (Anarchist activity – Theatre – Social life:) Nixuuu, Nixu… Come out and play! / (Floating on a cloud of isolation:) Did I hear something? Nah, I think I’ll just watch one more Vine compilation video in the middle of night. / Dänkinhuuto


* pyramidikusetus

Kirjoitettu 14.11.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra.

141117-oralabora (1)

I have a hairy mole. / (There.) // Pinocchio had Jiminy Cricket. // Do it, Nixu. Kill them all. / I have this. / His name is Herbert the Spider. / My good conscience is on vacation. Moido.

141117-oralabora (2)

At the bottom of the couch I wait for unemployment benefits. At the bottom of the couch I wait for death. I wonder if I’m at risk of socio-economical exclusion.

141117-oralabora (3)

Hyhky workroom, forenoon. / Focus. / (Self-flagellations.)

141117-oralabora (4)

I love my workroom.  / Basement floor. No internet, no windows. My concentration is at its best! // The commute sucks tho, bike and morning frost and everything. / Another uphill! Poik mää kuale!

141117-oralabora (5)

Besides, I was in Pispala ridge the day before too so I didn’t feel like biking today. / Anarchist Black Cross Tampere prisoner support meal, seitan stew, comrades, and LGBT fundraiser hangover. // The party wasn’t too exciting but at least I tested the waters after eight years of not attending this particular party. / See you again in another eight years.

141117-oralabora (6)

Being unemployed is boring but getting a job doesn’t sound too titillating either. (Don’t tell that to my potential employers.) / Well what do you want to do, right now? / Go to bed. Make dinner. Write a zine. Produce dopamine and adrenaline. Pick at the scab in my elbow. Something useful and rewarding. / I guess a bike trip or a jumpstart to my bloodsugar would put my brain noodles to work. Sitting, alcohol and internet has deflated me completely.

141117-oralabora (7)

Monday blues is the result of capitalist brainwashing. I will decide that it’s a day for rest now.

141117-oralabora (8)

Home? Car? Family? Husband? Traveling? Property? What? / Alien world, alienation. / I don’t even know what I would use money for should I have it. This is everything I’ve ever done, ever felt. (What’s your dream job?) I don’t understand the question.

Oululainen ankkuli pikkuhönössä. Muste paperille, 2017. / A tipsy little duckie from Oulu. Ink on paper, 2017.

141117-oralabora (9)


* ingen klass ingen stil

Kirjoitettu 31.10.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra.

311017skechdump (1)

Haisuli. Tussi paperille, 2017.

Moikkelis koikkelis! Olen tuskaillut sarjakuva-albumin, apurahahakemuksien, Inktoberin (rip, nippanappa yli puolet jaksoin tehä) ja perintään menneiden laskujen kanssa niin on jäänyt vähän bloggailu vähemmälle. Lisäksi kuvapäivis tosiaan täyttyi enkä oo saanu ostettua uutta – kymppi on iso raha jos toisessa päässä diiliä on viikon ruoat!

Oli miten oli, tässä satunnaisia piirustuksia jotka eivät ihan kelvanneet omiksi päivityksikseen tässä kesän, syksyn aikana. Bye! Ostakaa multa tilaustöitä! Ja pidelkää peukkuja että saan apurahaa!

311017skechdump (2)

Queen. Tussi paperille, 2017.

311017skechdump (3)

Happy house full of happy people. Tussi paperille, 2017.

311017skechdump (4)

Pizzaa ja kulleja. Diptyykki, tussi paperille. 2017.

311017skechdump (5)

What a cute cashier boy. / That’s 100% the only reason I picked that queue. / Äiti ja poika samasta puusta veistetty! (Limingantullin Prismassa heinäkuussa, päivää ennen Huojuvan tornin ensi-iltaa. / Hypermarket, day before stageplay premiere night.)

311017skechdump (6)

All the boys hate me. This will be my life forever. / Fag. / Fag. / Fag. // I’m not explicitly hostile towards you. / This is new and rewarding! I will now develop maddeningly pubescent puppy feelings for you! // I am openly friendly towards you. I’m also jokseenkin cute. / I wish I knew how to relate to men in a normal way. (Puhtaaksipiirtämätöntä pohdintaa pienen homopojan suhteesta kanssapoikiin. / Unpolished ruminations about a gay boy relating to fellow boys.)

311017skechdump (7)

Hahmo sarjakuvasta HeteroseXual Animals 4 (TBA)

311017skechdump (8)

The Pride flag was invented by people. Go ahead and add more stripes. Sopu sijaa antaa! / (* Doesn’t include Straight Pride.) / Keep nationalism out of Pride too. / Kuka tarvii kansallislippuja? En mää ainakaan! (Pohdintaa mustan ja ruskean raidan lisäämisestä sateenkaarilippuun solidaarisuudenosoituksena rodullistetuille, erit. mustille ja latinalaisamerikkalaisille HLBTQ-ihmisille jotka sysäsivät liikkeelle nykymuotoisen länsimaisen Pride-liikkeen Stonewallin mellakoissa v. 1969 ja joita edelleen syrjitään kaikin tavoin niin valtaväestön kuin HLBTQ-yhteisön puolelta. / Ruminations about adding the black and brown stripes to the rainbow flag in solidarity with racialized [specifically Black and Latin@] LGBTQ individuals who started the modern Pride movement in Stonewall riots of 1969 and who are still marginalized by both the LGBTQ community and the mainstream [white cishets in power].)


* even more choices + LIPSYNC #3: VEGAN REVENGE FANTASIES tulossa pian!!!!!

Kirjoitettu 14.03.2017 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa agit-prop, dom andra.


140317-outretku (1)

Psst, guys! My new zine is available in Tampere 16.-19.3. wherever you might catch me!

Tampere Kuplii (Tampere-talo yms)

Kirnupiimä Kuplii (Pispalan kirjasto, lauantai 18.3.)

Tryer (Vastavirta, perjantai 17.3.)

140317-outretku (2)

(Kulttuurivoimala job certificate) (Välitila) (Degree certificate from school) // I have no reason to move, nor do I have a reason not to. / Ei duunia, ei koulua, ei kinosta, ei vituta. // I don’t want to get stuck in here. / To think too much. To stall. / ”I’ll move next month, or in autumn! Just to wait out the long lines in social security!” / (1000 years later)

140317-outretku (3)

Hiya! I’m broke, lazy and messy. I love living in my own filth and avoid doing any work whatsoever. / OTTAKAA MUT DUUNIIN.