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27.03.2018 - 21:12 / nikopetteri.

Tämän merkinnän julkaisuhetkellä Lipsync #4: Young, Broke & Krapulous on juuri haettu painosta. Postimyyntitilauksia otetaan vastaan osoitteeseen niko p niva ät geemail!

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Hi you didn’t make it to Malmö comics residency, sorry. / I saw this coming although I’m kinda bummed out because I spent so much time on my application. / The world is full of super talented comic artists and there were only four recidency slots. // Head hurts… Wanna puke…

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TAMPERE COMIC FESTIVAL! / Lipsync #4 didn’t finish printing in time, but I’m mostly okay with that. / Tampere is my favpurite comic city and it’s nice to see colleagues even when empty-handed. // Aggressive reflux affected my mood a bit but I still attended interesting panels. // Seeing if you got any art grants? / They already skipped my name in the alphabetical order. No dice.

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Team Tessa Astre, Aapo Kukko & Niko-Petteri Niva: 3000€ (three thousand) for making the graphic novel ”The Swaying Tower!”

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