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25.08.2017 - 12:57 / nikopetteri.

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Summer play’s been played, and I’m worn out as hell. // I’m moving to Tampere in 2½* weeks, and th– / WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ARE YOU GOING TO STUDY OR GET A JOB WHAT HUH WHAT!??!!!!???!?!? // God I hate that question. What if I just want a change of scenery? Discover myself?? Yeah, I’m an unemployed piece of shit! I’m only going to hang around and drink beer in Vastavirta pub! // Olkoon sitten niin! I’m not interested in a ”real job”! / SKEITTAA JA DELAA!

(*: Bloggaushetkellä tasan kaksi viikkoa. / Two weeks at this exact time of blogging.)

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I’ve slowly been saying goodbye to all the places in Oulu. / Regular pub. / Gig joint. / Gay bar. *smooch, slobber* / Regular pub. / Underground culture centre. / Regular pub. / Regular pub barkeeper custard! // Don’t go! All the cool guys are leaving Oulu! / I’ve already done my mourning. / Not again. Ou-hu-huu! / Some have even said they’re angry that I’m leaving. I’ll let ’em be.

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I attended a tarot reading the other day. / What’s all this tomfoolery. / Aw come on, it’ll be fun! / Ugh, fine. // In my opinion, tarot is not a divination device or a magick item, but rather like a lense through which one can put different aspects of their life into focus. One universal main theme at a time, one can observe their past, future, values, choices and human relationships. All the aspects of the cards are within all of us already, but with the aid of the cards it’s easier to focus on them in more depth. I know I said ’focus’ twice. / Ooh! Aah! The universe is guiding me! Gumbaya!

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Atop thy head. Within thy core. Beneath thy feet. Thy past, thy future… And the peeps and things and stuff affecting your life ’n shit. // I do not fully recall my deck or what each card symbolized, so this is a fully liberal recital! Obviously the whole picture affects each individual card immensely, so it’s not possible to deduce much! / (Fear of failure, a will to survive and thrive.) / (Great things and deeds ahead, very exciting.) / (Something something fucked up family Freud Freud blah blah blah.) / BUT FUCK THE DECK FOR NOW!

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Huh! / I’ve been a bit angry at you for leaving, but this deck is totally saying that you’re doing the right thing. / So yeah! Good luck on your journey. // … // OUUU-HU-HU-HUUU!!! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear from you-hou-houuu!!!

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So what if I cherrypicked the most pleasant interpretation for myself! / I’ve got the universe’s blessing – and more importantly, my friends’ blessing! / I’m moving to Tampere if it kills me! // And hey, I absolutely do have a ”real job!” Because making art is some laborious shit! / Gimme all your art grant money! And all the main roles! / Nyeoom! Bam! Suck on my left titty, Job Centre!

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