Kuukausiarkisto heinäkuu, 2015

* festival gegen nazis

Kirjoitettu 27.07.2015 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa agit-prop, puuronsyönti.

270715-puntalarock (1)

Olli Immonen is an idiotic nazi. / I’ve sat in the train station for five hours. And five hours more do I have to sit and wait for the festival bus. // Axu the Ex to the rescue! / Internet! Nixu the Ex needs a ride to Puntala-rock, pronto! / Aye aye! / Hocus pocus internet magix punx. // Hehe, festival taxi again. / Olli Immonen is a war-inciting nazi.

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The tent area was sheer mud chaos, as expected. / Olli Immonen is a gross nazi. // I was all about that punx fagz fashion! // I tried to hit on at least two guys but they were both hets. (Not related to my comic, HeteroseXual Animals.) // One of them gave me a kiss to retaliate. / Olli Immonen is literally a nazi.

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I went to bed quite early on both days and barely went to any mosh pits. / My shoes did change color in any case. // Jiipu and Axu were who I hung out with most of the time. They’re the best tho! Unlike Olli Immonen who is a fear-mongering paranoid bullshit nazi.

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Waiting for my train home: / Boy do I feel like a festival animal. And the train station falafel gave me the worst stomach ache. Crust punk as hell… / Hey! // I’ve got a suggestion for you. // Go fuck yourself. / Ya dig. / Go fu / I wonder if he was a nazi, just like True Finn member of parliament, chairman of a nationalist organization Suomen Sisu, Olli Immonen?