Kuukausiarkisto huhtikuu, 2015

* oulun kyrpät

Kirjoitettu 28.04.2015 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.


Old laptop finally melted. / The new one won’t accept any installs. (I’m also a complete noob.) / I drew this entry on Game Lab computer. My comic artist career is in trouble due to lack of supplies.


I’ve been thinking about my bachelor’s thesis but I don’t want to taint my blog with school and work-related shit. / HxA #2 is coming out in schedule! / Lipsync #2 is missing two pages, kinda stuck there. / Yea I don’t have much to tell this time…


* jag sträcker aldrig

Kirjoitettu 23.04.2015 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra.

* oikeus valittaa

Kirjoitettu 14.04.2015 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa agit-prop.




tuosta ihan läheltä paloi hieno puolilaho autiotalo joka on ehkä saatettu joskus olla valtaavinaan. mutta se siis tosiaan paloi. vutum



* kolmas pääsiäispäivä

Kirjoitettu 7.04.2015 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra, merda d'artista, puuronsyönti.


Not actually sorry about my taste in men at all.




”A Typical Artsy Sketchbook/Comic Diary Debut (’Fuck, I Hope This Isn’t Some Kind Of A Rebound Thing’)”, ink on paper, 2015.


I’ve drunk too much and watched Steven Universe. / Square Mom says: / Remember to drink water. / And you do have a right to crave affection. // I haven’t smoked for a month. // At the end of March there was a party and you smoked at least five cigarettes, prolonging your sickness for at least a week! / Fucking hips, why won’t you lie!


Now that I have new pens, I can do a buttload of comics at all times! Yup, juuust comics. All day, every day. No other urgencies breathing in my neck currently. (Other than summerjob and graduation and stuff.)