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* #crustmas ⒶDVENT CALENDAR 12/12

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On the 12th day of #CRUSTMAS my true love gave to me 12 squatting comrades, 11 AFA stickers, 10 biased news feeds, 9 shades of lipstick, 8 stolen car blings, 7 types of queer porn, 6 zines about stuff, 5 self-grown chilis, 4 fabric patches, 3 Noituus EP’s, 2 packs of Pall Mall & some cheap beer with vegan cheese.


* #crustmas ⒶDVENT CALENDAR 11/12

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Yksitoista antifasistista tarraa.


* #crustmas ⒶDVENT CALENDAR 10/12

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Kymmenen mediakohua! Voi noita tuhmeliini-anarkomarkoja!


* a boy, interrupted

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Nostalgia Masterpost 2014! / Yay. / In no particular order. // JANUARY / I turned 23 on the 16th. I celebrated by attending an AlfaKalle gig. / He filmed me twerking. // Then I licked his boot because I’m gross.


Then I guess I mostly worked on my Nordic Comic Contest submission. It was garbage. // What now? / Hi it’s your boyfriend here! Wanna go to Barcelona? // FEBRUARY / I dunno, it was quiet. Saving money for Barcelona. / I went to see my favourite band tho. / ??? The entire band plays acoustic guitars???


MARCH / I couldn’t bother checking what shape Spain is. // Axu being chronically tired. / Check the rest from my travel reportage. // Then I got a huge killer germ and had to miss Tampere Comics Festival. / But boy was my tan gorgeous! // APRIL / Drag party. / Straight boys can’t handle high heels. / That’s all.


MAY / Away went the matted hair… / Now you may bully other people about cultural appropriation and Rastafarianism! // …and the old apartment. / Yay we’re gonna be roommates! / Not mine – Mine – OURS <3 // JUNE / Internship in Kulttuuribingo.


JULY / Punk festivals! // AUGUST / I was supposed to make a music video for AlfaKalle but I didn’t. / Sorry about it. // I quit smoking for six whole weeks! / Jesus approves.


SEPTEMBER / At Helsinki Comics Festival I sold lots od stuff and people were awesome. / Ecstatic, manic, hysterical 24/7. // Fans idols colleagues exhibitions contacts praises discoveries old friends // My cheeks and stomach hurt. // I also started seeing a psychologist for my stress and anxiety, yay. // OCTOBER / This machine from hell ruined my entire life. / I also drew gay ducks, quack quack. / And made media project at school the entire freakin’ fall semester. // NOVEMBER / I only attended Oulu Comics Festival as a blog panel guest because I was tired or something. // DECEMBER / I dunno, couple of good gigs and digging stuff out of my belly button. // YAY THANKS FOR WATCHING, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!

AlfaKalle / THJKB / Barcelona 1/2 / Barcelona 2/2 / Kulttuuribingo