Kuukausiarkisto lokakuu, 2014

* #ankeus

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Oh God, oh shit. // I haven’t been home for over a year. Not that I don’t speak to my parents, but I just don’t feel like visiting. / On my Instagram I demonstrated just how eerily quiet and lifeless my home village can be. // Couple of days later: / I spoke ill of my childhood friends. I appeared ungrateful and arrogant. I hate the person I become when I visit home. // At least it’s sunny in Oulu. / This is where my real home is. // Flea markets with Roosa! / I’d kill for a winter jacket.


All the jackets are too light or too small. / Yeah, let’s go ho– Hold the fuck up. // (Seven fucking euros) / Those soles go on for miles! // I must have these! / Then take ’em. / Yes ma’am!


I bought a couple pairs of mittens from the Pentecostal flea market… / Keeping your hands warm is the most important thing. // …and matching roommate shirts! / Textile twins! Bam! Pow! // The very next day, snow fell in large quantities. // I made a tiny snowman on the balcony.