BARCELONA 3.-11.3. PART 2: moment relax

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Fri 3.7. / (Los Golden Ceiling) / (Las Glass Cock) / (Les Miserables) // Finnish flea market heels end at size 39. Here it’s 41. This is torture! / (Size 42, wannabe drag queen) // So I hoarded on nail polish instead.

I wonder if there’s anything cheap (and vegan) this close to centre. / Sure there is, I know a place right around that corner. / (Big fat lie, repeat at least 10 times.) / (The pig head window was an actual thing we saw.) // Eventually: JUICY JONES. / Vegan food and red wine! / These walls were not meant for hung-over eyes. // We don’t fucking need any appetizers– !? / (”Main dish”: 4 tiny pieces of seitan. // Otetaan me sittenkin se alkupala… / Me ollaan anarkisteja, ei me välitetä mistään ”oikeesta” järjestyksestä!

At some Juan’s place: / I haven’t taken a shower for five days. Gracias! // (Puts on the same dirty clothes) // SIT MA LAKATA KYNSI. // Sat 3.8. #HoboJesus #PublicIntoxication2014 // It’s hard to pee with harem pants. All my respect to people with vaginas.

At night there was a punk gig at some place, and we had to CLIMB. LIKE. HELL. // No. Fuck no. I give up. / Giving up stopped being an option, like, yesterday. C’mon now. / Then, and only then, did I miss the flat lands of Oulu.

Saturday was good practice though, because on Sunday we went to the anarchist bunkers! / Don’t even think that we’re even halfway there. / (Euphoric) // Back when I cut my hair into a mohawk and started wearing punk clothes when I was 14, my parents started calling me a fag. // I got sick of it, and… / Yeah I’m a fucking fag, now shut up! // Two years later: / (The entire world says:) / You’re not gay?? / (First girlfriend) / No, idiots. I lied.

Iskra appreciates my art. / En edelleenkään osaa piirtää koiria.

Reisiraon päällä ei uinua voi!

Tina käski piirtää rumasti mutten osaa! Voi ei oon ylipätevä.

Behold. Mierda de artista. / (Munch: ”The Scream”: Pastissi materiaalilla paska. Pastiche with feces. Nixu 2014.)

Mon 3.11. / Fuck what a flight! Couldn’t sleep, no breakfast, plane full of screaming children… / Also the check-in on Barcelona Airport. Glad we’re home now. // SNIFF! SNIFF! SNIFF! // Allright, follow me then.

Okay so we don’t give a single fuck about what drugs you’ve taken in Barcelona, as long as you don’t bring anything to Finland. / Did someone put speed in my backpack? Will this show in my record? Will that guy dig into my anus? // Yeah you’re clean, good luck to Oulu and stay out of drugs! // (Fear, relief, confusion.)

I’m coughing up tar and cigarettes make me sick. #HoboJesus will detox for a week or two now, at least. Ave Maria!



Kytät tyhjensi squatin pari päivää mun ja Axun kotiinpaluun jälkeen. / Cops emptied the squat two days after Axu and I returned home. R.I.P. Casa Badal, forever in our hearts!

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    Mä tosi harvan matkasarjiksen jaksan lukea ja vielä harvempaan tykästyn, mut sun Barcelona-tarinat on oikeesti aika mainioita :–)

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