Kuukausiarkisto lokakuu, 2013

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Kirjoitettu 28.10.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

So in Tampere I ran a bit out of money. / Hi, uhh could you and Dad transfer me like twenty, thirty, forty euros, for food and train tickets? / Hmmyeah… We’re a bit broke this time of month, too. // The phone call was a tad bit humiliating, considering that half the first hundred euros I had were spent on partying. / (Sigh.)

Humiliation was increased by the fact that the new money transfer got wasted on partying as well, or otherwise irresponsible economy. // Beer Bingo! //Why of course I’ll buy a drink to my babe! // Tampere makes me feel anxious, I’ll delete tomorrow’s ticket and leave immediately tonight. // I’m starving. Gotta eat before the train comes! // Oops I’m running out of cigs, too.

At home there was a pile of bills to pay, of course, and dreary dry-foods. / One has coped with oatmeal before. / I decided to be strict to myself. // I received money from the folks on… Wednesday. Now it’s Sunday; just a couple more days and maybe I can ask for more. / (Rumble, squeeze.)

Today, on Monday, I gave up. / Easy does it, I’m zoning out like hell. / I’ll just smoke half a cig, otherwise I’ll run our of oxygen. // Say what! You could’ve come to our place for dinner!That’s what friends are for! / Half kidding – Full hysterical. // I’ll text them, I’m too ashamed to call. / Hi, send me a twenty, ran out of food.

If I were Alison Bechdel or Hanna Koljonen, I’d interpret the whole shabang through some purgatorial imagery. // I’m feeling sick… Bad air conditioning and too much beer? – Karma is a bitch! // Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa… // Halloween party in two days. Not gonna buy a single beer though! / (But I accept freebies, wink wink.) // I’ll ditch sweets, too! Processed sugar is living Hell! / (I just finished reading a comic book about sugar addiction.)

Half the sixty euros I received was spent on all kinds of (supermarket) vegan foods. / Daddy’s little princess has grown to a queen! / So much for channeling Koljonen. I did wear Bechdel-esque stripes today, though.