Kuukausiarkisto elokuu, 2013

* super effective

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* pääasioita

Kirjoitettu 25.08.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

This turned out a little animu but graphic designers dig that for some reason, shitshitfuck can I just punch a thing. / Better. // This little sloth went to bed early on a Saturday night. / This little sloth committed to repaying summer study allowances. / This little sloth did a little bit of rummaging and vacuuming.


Arrrgh I’m such a fraud, some people have real problems with anxiety, and they’re unemployable and messed up and I’m here like / Yeah I’m looking forward to school and the comics festival and at times I was a bit anxious at summer job but other than that I’m completely fit for work and I do have a support network but yeah sure I’ll take that psychiatrist’s appointment. / NO. SHUT UP. YOU’RE DOING THE RIGHT THING HERE.



* you say black i say white

Kirjoitettu 15.08.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa puuronsyönti.

At least now I’ve got a reason to learn how to draw bikes.

I also bought a (cheap shitty) lock. / (Random geezer who picked on me –>) / You won’t survive a day with that thing. / I know. // You a student? / Yeah… // Here, have some money for a new lock!