Kuukausiarkisto kesäkuu, 2013

* intermission

Kirjoitettu 27.06.2013 - nikopetteri. Kategoriassa dom andra.

I haven’t updated my blog in two weeks! Crap. / Ok. / Yay wohoo I’m a dog. // Mostly because I’ve been procrastinating with my reply on this question. / ’I am interested in seeing some sort of an introduction to your values. Perhaps these questions’ll help with your reply: What are the things that guide your decisions? What does your set of values consist of? What do you find the most important in your life?’ // You’re too deep to me Jenni I’m sorry. / BUT I PROMISE I’LL TRY, it’s me who’s building up all these expectations of a quality reply. // P.S. Happy Pride everybody, I’ll probably be kickin’ neo-nazi and fundamentalist Christian ass with the Black Pink Bloc.